Dan Bethelmy-Rada Explains How He Marketed L’Oreal’s New Brand R.A.W.

Dan Bethelmy-Rada is a New York City-based executive in the personal care products industry. He is the global brand president for two of L’Oreal Professional Products Division’s brands, Matrix and Biolage. He attended Sorbonne and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in international business. He also attended ESSEC Business School and earned an MBA in 2002. He first joined L’Oreal in 2003.

The latest L’Oreal brand that Dan Bethelmy-Rada Loreal has been working on is R.A.W. This is a truly all-natural brand of professional level formulas. He says that people don’t want products that are just “naturally-inspired” because they want the real thing. They also want it to be made in a completely sustainable manner and its production to have very little impact on the environment.

Everything from formulation to sourcing to manufacturing to packaging is sustainable, he says. Each carefully selected ingredient is fair-trade, sustainable, and traceable throughout the supply chain. R.A.W. was created using green chemistry and the ingredient are things like plants, minerals, fungus, honey, and seaweed. Both the shampoo and conditioner bottles are made from 100% recycled plastic, he says, and most of the brand is more than 98 percent biodegradable.

Dan Bethelmy-Rada says that among the challenges he and his team had to overcome was getting the word out about R.A.W. to professionals in salons and consumers. Neither of these groups wants to hear a lecture about sustainability or what should be considered as natural. He said that, instead, his team gave these groups the tools to make their own decisions. L’Oreal also provided training to stylists and hairdressers across the United States that showed them how to save water and energy when styling people’s hair. Go To This Page for more information.

Now that R.A.W. has been out for a few months Dan Bethelmy-Rada says that he’s pretty happy with the results. The feedback they have gotten online has been 90 percent positive. That the quality of the R.A.W. brand is being acknowledged is particularly pleasing to him as well as encouraging. Most consumers say that this brand is making their hair feel different in a positive way and they don’t even remember what it felt like before.


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JD.com Looks To Provide Unmanned Deliveries in Japan

JD.com and another company known as Rakuten Inc. have recently completed an agreement to improve its delivery process. The two companies will use drones to complete deliveries to consumers in Japan. Under the terms of the agreement, JD.com will use both of its drones and Rakuten’s drone delivery service operations in Japan to more efficiently complete these types of deliveries. Rakuten will use its shopping apps in Japan to help with the drone delivery process. Both of the two companies will work together to use the unmanned delivery services along with a series of applications.

In 2016, Rakuten launched its drone delivery service which has given the company experience in providing delivery services. The company has used its drone delivery services to assist both corporations and local governments. Two years later in 2018, Rakuten completed the world’s first delivery trial using both drones and robots to complete deliveries. This has greatly improved the logistics of commerce in Japan. Members of Rakuten’s management have expressed their satisfaction with collaborating with JD.com to make unmanned deliveries. This will provide a lot of convenience for all consumers in both China and Japan according to what the executives of both companies have said.

JD.com have developed its drone program one year before Rakuten in 2015. It launched the world’s first every commercial drone deliveries in rural China a year later in 2016. As of today, JD.com and Jingdong operate drones in the provinces of Jiangsu and Shaanxi. Since 2015, the drones of JD.com and Jingdong have logged more than 400,000 minutes of flight time in China. This past January, JD.com announced that it succeeded in completing an approved drone test flight in Indonesia. This will likely set the tone for more commercial drone deliveries in Indonesia and Southeast Asia. Along with drones in rural areas, JD.com and Jingdong are using delivery robots in urban areas.

In the recent company’s blog “JD Delivery Stations Get Smart Ahead Of CES Debut”, JD has talked about the launch of two smart delivery stations in the cities of Changsha and Hohhot, strengthening the e-commerce giant’s autonomous logistics capabilities.

The development of these drones and delivery robots will have a significant impact on commerce in the near future. These technological resources will prove to provide more convenient delivery options for consumers. They will also allow JD and Rakuten to more efficiently carry out deliveries at any time during the year. With the development of drones and robots, both companies will be in position to remain more competitive in the retail sector. Click Here to learn more.


Visit: https://www.jd.ru/

The Career of Clay Hutson in the Music Industry

Clayton Hutson has made it in the business world. The businessman owns a very influential company that offers services to event organizers and musicians living in the United States. Clay Hutson is envied by many because he has made it in the business. Musicians who have been hiring his services have praised the high quality services they received. As a sound engineer who got his degree from a leading university in the world, Clay Hutson did not have a problem getting employment in the competitive market. There were many organizations who wanted to hire him as a project manager. The live music department has experienced so much growth in the recent years. Clay Hutson is one of the people who have been part of the growth. His roles in the competitive market include managing, designing and even producing concerts that are out of the world. For many years, the businessman has been focusing on rock music. The numerous managerial and technical responsibilities he had handled in the past have made him very experienced. The businessman has worked with top personalities in the music department such as Kid Rock.

Several years ago, Clay Hutson made an impact after conducting a tout that was known as Bleed Like Me. The tour was being carried out by a popular band called Garbage. Thanks to the tour, the businessman had to travel to various countries of the world such as North America, Europe, and Australia. Hutson was serving as the monitor engineer in the tour, and he performed so well. People in the music department began to realize that the businessman was talented, and he was able to deliver in all situations. In one of the recent publications, Clay Hutson says that he got into the market after developing marketing skills in his previous assignments. His employer, who had helped him to grow his skills, was significantly affected by the recession. When the business closed down, Clay Hutson realized that it was time to venture into the market. His talents have helped him to stay focused and successful. The time he chose to start his business was very risky, but it did not affect his performance.


Louis Chenevert Insights on the Aging Workforce Dilemma

Louis Chenevert is a Canadian businessman who is popularly known for transforming United Technologies Corporations. Chenevert served as the firm’s Chairman President and CEO. UTC is a leading conglomerate in the aerospace sector. Besides UTC, Louis Chenevert has served in other multinational companies such as Pratt & Whitney and General Motors among others.

The aging dilemma is an issue that has been of concern to the human resource managers of companies. As people age, it is naturally expected that their performance and health would be compromised. However, research has disputed this assumption as about 25 percent of Americans who are over the age of 65 are the ones that have been categorized to have fair to poor health. The majorities 75 percent are fit and are still productive at their workplaces. A research that was conducted by over 2500 human resource officers suggests that the aged were more experienced knowledgeable, skillful, show greater professionalism and strong work ethics as compared to youthful workers.

It appears that the youths will have to wait longer to take up the occupation of the Baby Boomers whose life spans have increased and are not prepared for retirement due to some reasons. Among the reasons is that many of these people have no retirement savings and pension plans and can only depend on the social security fund that is not enough to cater for things like health insurance. From research young people have also been found to lack the necessary skills for most jobs. With technological advancement, there is the fear of redundancy in regards to skills in the workplace. Jobs qualifications have changed and more jobs today require digital and technology knowledge.

Louis Chenevert had earlier foreseen these human resource challenges while working as president and CEO of UTC. As a result, Chenevert initiated an employee scholar learning program that will ensure that UTC employees whether young or old would always remain relevant in the workplace. The program gave UTC employees the chance to advance their careers or explore new opportunities in different fields. UTC fully sponsored the program and paid for tuition, academics, and books. The program is quite a success, and so far UTC has spent more than 1.2 billion dollars on the program.


How Aaron Lupuloff Helps Improve Education


Aaron Lupuloff was the Senior Executive Director of Gwinnett County Public Schools (GCPS). The position Lupuloff filled was newly created to help build capital for the public school system . GCPS is a nonprofit organization that helps improve the education in Gwinnett Public Schools. They have a board that consists of trustees who are from the community.

Aaron Lupuloff believes the community should be involved in public education and maintaining a certain quality of life. The overall mission is to improve the education of all students. He has over 20 years of experience as a managing director at Bear Stearns JP Morgan. He also worked with Norcross Foundation. He served in a variety of roles such as president, treasurer, and vice president. He earns his business administration degree at the University of Alabama.

Aaron Lupuloff is a founding member of the GCPS foundation. He is a resident of Norcross, Georgia The foundation has a few goals it likes to achieve. They would like to increase support and resources turn up the school system grow. The foundation would like to meet the needs of the school systems. The foundation wants to establish a system call support and resources for the public school system.

Aaron Lupuloff was also a member of the Georgia Tech Parents Advisory Board. Aaron Lupuloff and his wife support a variety of organizations such as Partners Against Domestic Violence, Juvenile Diabetes Foundation, and Camp Twin the foundation believes that business businesses should make an effort to support their school system. See This Article for additional information.

Aaron Lupuloff believe students will be empowered by those willing to show support such as businesses. Lupuloff will be able to use it’s time to support the public school system and get involved in philanthropic projects. Lupuloff has worked in the finance industry since 1982. He was inducted into the NHS Foundation Hall of Fame in 2011


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Jojo Hedanya of Unroll.ME

To become a successful CEO, one has to work really hard at their craft. A good work ethic is accompanied by mental discipline and other features that make a well-rounded entrepreneur. Jojo Hedaya has managed to achieve this through persistent hard work and dedication. He started his fist company at the age of twenty four and hasn’t looked back ever since. Throughout his professional career, Jojo Hedaya picked up mental traits that have served him well till this day. This includes the lack of fear he shows towards his goals. In order to achieve his goals, he had to drop the whispers of self-doubt and acknowledge the lion roaring within. Jojo Hedaya took the leap of faith courageously after recognizing his potential, and is currently eating the fruits of success. Another part of a successful founder is the ability to simplify obstacles. To be highly efficient it’s important to breakdown challenges to their simplest form, so they can be tackled.

Early in his life, Jojo Hedaya attended a Jewish high school, afterwards he went to Israel for his university. He then connected with his future business partner Josh Rosendal. Together they developed the software that changed the face of electronic mailing. Their bond was strengthened by the similarities they shared, such as having the same birthday and growing up in the same city. He then chose to drop out of university months before his final exam to pursue the startup. He doesn’t regret the decision, in fact he says it was the right choice. In suggested our society needed skillful individuals and that’s why people attended university. In his own case, he already had the skillset needed to thrive in the industry.

Unroll.Me helps people organize emails and promote efficiency with electronic mail. The software works by filtering mails and separating them into folders called “rollups”. The rollups contain specific content like subscription, newsletters and others. It gives the user a chance to go through them and select the most useful from the list. When the software was released, it was met with so much praise from online platforms. Thousands of users signed up and since then, Unroll.Me hasn’t stopped growing.


Robert Deignan solves technological problems with his innovative techniques

Robert Deignan has helped clients overcome the troubles with technology in many creative ways. He has improved in the development of remote technologies to assist in overcoming the problem of installation of antimalware software in the computer systems. Robert Deignan has also invested heavily in technology-related industries to help solve the issues of low internet connectivity for household consumers and commercial enterprises. Robert Deignan founded ATS technologies to help clients overcome the troubles associated with technology-based problems and through his company, many people and institutions have benefited through his well-researched solutions.

Robert Deignan’s Background

Robert Deignan was born and raised in Florida. He acquired his higher education degree in 1995 having specialized in Organizational Leadership. Robert Deignan is a passionate sports person and technology expert. He served in Miami Dolphins and New York Jets before initiating his first venture. Robert continues to explore his talents in sports and regularly gets involved in the offshore fishing competition.

Robert Deignan’s Entrepreneurial journey

Robert is a passionate entrepreneur with skills in setting and managing the business. He helped in the formation of Fanlink Company where he served as the chief executive officer of the company. He has played a critical role in the development of the company due to his strategic management and analytical skills.

The formation of ATS Digital Company

Robert Deignan worked in an anti-malware company before the establishment of his enterprise. The antimalware firm specialized in the offering of solutions about the virus attack to personal computers and connectivity issues. He says that he got the insights to start his company from the gap he noticed in connectivity settings and the need to save the clients’ time. ATS Company was formed and began its operation specializing in remote connections to help customers solve internet related problems conveniently through the help of a virtual remote assistant.

The trends in the technology set to revolutionize businesses

Robert Deignan has said that the internet of things is set to make the way we interact in the business world a wonderful experience. He says that advancements in areas such as artificial intelligence, development of voice recognition, the rise of fast speed networks in telecommunication industry is a breakthrough for business to excel. Artificial Intelligence has helped companies to be able to store large databases for efficient operations. He says that business should get ready to take advantages of the new technology to succeed.


Steve Ritchie – Enhancing The Brand Reputation Of Papa John’s


Managing and taking the brand such as Papa John’s to new heights of success is no easy feat, but Steve Ritchie has managed to do it with his business acumen and vision. He started at Papa John’s as a customer service representative and slowly began to rank up over the years, handling various roles, before being promoted to his current post of Chief Executive Officer. Serving at Papa John’s International for over twenty-two years, Steve Ritchie has not only understood the pizza business like the back of his hand, but he has also been able to take the industry further by expanding aggressively and integrating new technological advances to the company’s business and operational machinery.

Steve Ritchie PapaJohn’s is from Louisville, Kentucky, and he even owned a Pizzeria there and worked with determination to make it a success. It shows his passion for the pizza business well before he started at Papa John’s. Papa John’s is the third largest pizza franchise in the world with over five thousand stores worldwide, and counting. Steve Ritchie is also responsible for the global development and brand reputation of Papa John’s. To enhance the brand’s performance as well as reputation, he continues to integrate various technologies with the company’s operational machinery. Recently, Steve Ritchie also sent an open letter to his entire staff to join the training for racial bias.

Steve Ritchie PapaJohn’s understands that for a company to be more open to different cultures, it is vital that their staffs are well-aware of the company’s motto of equity, diversity, and fairness. Inculcating these qualities in the company’s staff across the board is what training is meant for, and Steve Ritchie firmly believes it would help in improving Papa John’s brand reputation.

It would also prevent any unfair practice that can patch the clean record Papa John’s has been maintaining for years when it comes to its approach towards different cultures and social environments without discrimination and bias. Steve Ritchie continues to improve the customer service standards at Papa John’s that help not only the company’s sale and revenue generation but also its market reputation. Find Related Information Here.


More about Steve Ritchie PapaJohn’s: https://www.nrn.com/people/papa-john-s-names-steve-ritchie-president

Clay Hutson: Love for Sound

Clay Hutson is a successful businessman in the sound engineering industry but it didn’t start out that way. He first began his career in Nashville, Tennessee, taking classes in a university about theatre design. After searching for employment, Hutson found job opportunities at companies focused around live music entertainment and later on, he became a project manager for one. Knowing that he had a knack for this industry, Hutson decided to take an entrepreneurial route. And with that Hutson began his entertainment production business.

Clay Hutson was audio engineering for many productions and later on came to like working for music productions; more towards rock’n roll. He then worked as a monitor engineer with rock’n roll bands called “Garbage” in 2005 throughout Europe, North America and Australia. Now Hutson is in charge of stage management for Kid Rock. Clay Hutson had a creative mindset. When developing his ideas he usually creates new audio or lighting notions. Clients are always coming his way because Hutson is known for giving 100 percent every time. He is continuously observing his work and always looks back for any possible errors because he wants to maintain a great reputation. Not only does he like to leave no mistakes with his work but he also likes to work three paces ahead of what going on. That way he and the crew members can work productively.

Even though Hutson has a successful business now, he wasn’t always successful with his work in the beginning. During his years of being a subcontractor for a company, Hutson had a client that was displeased with the work and decided that they wanted Hutson to work with them directly. This ended with an argument and lawsuit with Hutson and his production company. Though, due to his already exceptional reputation, Hutson was able to move forward from this. As an entrepreneur, there will always be trials and tribulations ahead. But the one advice that Clay Hutson recommends to anyone is to always be prepared, organized and confident with your work.


Sharon Prince: Nature’s Sustainability For The Ecosystem And Environment


Sharon Prince is an entrepreneur and activist, who has been in the industry of human rights, social rights, social justice and environmental peace over the past decade. Sharon Prince has demonstrated her leadership abilities in many ways. She also received the Auburn Seminary’s “Lives of Commitment Award”. And the NOMI Network’s “Abolitionist Award”.

Social rights are basic rights. As a result of her long career, Sharon Prince acquired the skills needed to manifest Sharon Prince Grace Farms. With many acres of land, the farm is able to provided needed resources to many people in need.

Water is a vital resource often taken for granted in many situations. Clean drinking water is not readily available in most places. Even in a populated city like New York City, people rely on bottled water. There is no fresh-water source for drinking within 70 miles of New York City. Most people are not aware of these statistics because they have the convivence of bottled water in all supermarkets. Refer to This Article for more information.

Clean drinking water is not naturally available in the vast majority of cities around the globe. Investing in a clean and organized farm like the one initiated by Sharon Prince gives a sense of pride. Participates feel prideful that they contributed to such a beautiful source of untouched nature. Human development has caused devastating effects on the natural balance of the earth’s ecosystem.

An ecosystem is defined by a complete biological system of organisms that each function in a cohesive manner. Every ecosystem must be supplied basic needs for survival such as pure water, pure air, pure ground soil and limited exposure to toxicity. Synthetic pesticides and other toxic materials are not allowed in organic farming or for organic ecosystem functions.

Grace Farms is making efforts towards a sustainable ecosystem. Sustainability of the earth’s naturally-occurring resources is paramount for success. Organisms cannot run unless their basic needs of pure resources are consistently met.


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