A Man As A Legend: Richard Liu Qiangdong


Richard Liu Qiangdong reached a 7-billion-dollar-net worth as if he was destined to. He started with just a small business to his name, and it’s now the largest of its kind in China. Jingdong is growing and its leaders are leading it into a global market. Liu Qiangdong is now equipped with the resources to further JD’s growth.

In an article with Seeking Alpha entitled “JD.com: Will Richard Liu Deliver In 2019?”, it indicated that the positive vibes manifested by the management during the 3Q 2018 earnings conference call bodes well for a brighter 2019.

Where Jingdong stands today sets a new standard.

Richard Liu Qiangdong has turned his focus to the U.S. consumer. His hopes for the U.S. market stem from a belief that he holds—deep within himself. He sees Jingdong as now equipped to serve the planet. What Liu achieved in China hasn’t been done in any other part of the world. His work is redefining e-commerce and how products are delivered worldwide.

What Made Richard’s Jingdong Possible

The behemoth brand, which Richard Liu built as his-online retailer, grew only after he had held onto his own originality. He never took from successful brands or had to put a twist on what they were doing. The growth of Jingdong, from just 12-physical stores, is a clear display of Richard’s genius. Here are a few factors that raised Liu’s work above and beyond.

Online Retail

The difference between physical stores and those found online is a difference in inventory and overhead. The cost of operating online became little for Jingdong. With digital, there are less employees to keep and more consumers to find. The people who buy online are also likely to buy more; these, they don’t have to leave their beds when making a purchase.


Managing his own deliveries helped Richard Liu Qiangdong to avoid the use of contracts and multiple locations. A central warehouse, which automated orders as they came in, was pivotal in getting packages out on time and to their final destinations. Ownership then enabled Richard Liu to perfect how deliveries were made, for his agency oversaw the entire process.


Rewards were eventually given to Richard’s most loyal customers, and doing so encouraged his buyers to spend even more.


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Sharon Prince Adopts A Holistic Approach In Grace Farms To Enhance Wellness


Sharon Price has always been interested in developing a place that would cater for the wellbeing of the community through a holistic approach. In the year 2009, she started her own startup they would be the future of many people who sought prayers and grace for their wellness. See This Article for more information.


Since then Sharon Prince Grace Farms has been enhancing the lives of many people through participation in community based programs, faith as well as acquiring justice. Through her efforts to support the community, Sharon Prince was appointed to commission the SANAA, an award winning company in the launching of their new facility. Sharon showed her enthusiasm to work as she had her own company before focusing on Grace farms.


66North was the name of the company that dealt with the development of outwear fashion brands. Her efforts in the company saw the expansion the company’s stores in different parts of America. Then, the company became one of largest distributor of Icelandic technical outwear.


As for today, Grace Farms has been known as a place of grace by many people. In as much as they ensure the promotion of the social good, they have also participated in environmental sustainability garnering different awards as well as a global recognition by the United Nations. Additionally, her career has had so much prosperity due to the world recognition and the numerous awards she has received.


In her journey, she has helped fight the different forms of immorality and social injustices in the community. Some of the injustices fought against by Grace Farm’s programs are children and women abuse, human trafficking among others. As such, Sharon Prince has led in different movements and campaigns to advocate for humanitarian actions across the world.


Some of the campaigns include, “Fighting Human Trafficking in Conflict and Unchain: Freedom Need Fighters”. Ever since Sharon Prince founded the firm, many people have benefited from them as well as the charity to help the Nepal human injustices victims.


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JD.Com Continues Its Mission Of Sustainability With WWF


As Earth Hour nears again this year, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) is announcing its partners in the business community to spread a message about sustainability and energy consumption worldwide. JD.Com is working with them again, and they’ve announced a few initiatives they hope will have a positive impact on the environment.

As the largest retailer in China, JD.com has access to a logistics network that serves more than 300,000 million customers. Those data points allowed them to identify businesses and universities willing to participate in a clothes recycling drive. Customers can bring unwanted items there to be redistributed to the needy.

A similar charity drive was conducted last year and collected 200,000 clothing items from 47 cities in China.

JD is also getting help from other businesses. Baby formula brands Mead Johnson Nutrition and Wyeth Nutrition is working with JD.com to recycle cans of their formula to make school supplies for children in need.

In being such a large retailer, JD.com is also concerned about their impact on the environment. The Green Stream Initiative, a project that pushes sustainability, is changing the kinds of packing materials they use for shipping. This opens options on select purchases to customers in Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou to receive reusable packaging.

WWF China’s Chief Operating Officer, Lunyan Lu, said in a recent statement that JD is an special partner in the push for sustainability. With such a vast logistics network, they have access to data that’s necessary to talk about sustainability in China. Lu went on to say that since they’re the largest retailer in the country, any move they make towards a more sustainable business model is likely to influence partners and competitors in the country.

Head of International Affairs for JD.Com, Christine Wong, said that a sustainable model if the goal for the company. Earth Hour is another chance to meet with partners that’ll help Chinese businesses adapt for the environmental challenges of tomorrow. Click Here to visit their channel on YouTube.

WWF started Earth Hour since 2007. Starting in Australia, businesses and private individuals turned off their lights to send a message about energy consumption. Now it’s a global event that takes place in 187 countries and territories.


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A Brief Spotlight On Grace Farms Founder Sharon Prince


The community center and cultural institution known as Sharon Prince Grace Farms is based throughout over 80 acres of peaceful natural beauty, utilizes the bountiful outdoor surroundings to encourage understanding and education, increase communication, inspire thought, garner preservation and expand an appreciation for all aspects of nature.

Free to the public and open seven days per week, Grace Farms invites visitors to get close to nature, encounter thought-provoking art, hear from thought leaders within various disciplines, engage with individuals of diverse backgrounds, and actively interact in various programs on the site.

Despite Grace Farms being earnestly all-rounded in its contribution of programming, the lush surroundings extend a hand to natural offerings year-round. Matter of fact, the 80-acres that make up Grace Farms constitute one of the biggest open areas available to the public in the county of Fairfield, thanks in part to its President and Chair Sharon Prince.

Ms. Prince trail-blazed the plans for Grace Farms, which in time became a new type of public space shared by nonprofit organizations and individuals. She also commissioned SANAA, a Pritzker Prize winning firm to create its accompanying River building.

Ms. Sharon Prince has battled to put a stop to violence against women on an international, national and local scale, human trafficking, and child exploitation via her work with the Foundation. Despite her outstanding accomplishments with Grace Farms, Sharon Prince also serves with a charity personally endeavored with reuniting families with children whom were victims of exploitation called the Board of Next Generation Nepal.

Prior to becoming President and Chair of Grace Farms, Ms. Sharon Prince was the President of an Icelandic technical outerwear brand that she created and dispersed in 100 shopping facilities in North America. Sharon Prince also attended the University of Tulsa where she studied to acquire a BS/BA and MBA, which she currently holds. She is also involved with Next Generation Nepal, which is a charitable organization that helps reunite victims of child exploitation with their families.


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Dan Bethelmy Rada Excites Consumers By Coming Up With A Line Of Natural Products


Mr . Dan Bethelmy Rada whose origin is Venezuela is known to be the current world -wide brand chairman for both MATRIX and BIOLAGE L’Oreal Professional Products Division. He pursued a bachelor’s degree in International Business from the Sorbonne. He also attended ESSEC Business School which is located in France and he acquired his MBA.

After his graduation, he got a job at L’Oreal Paris where he served as a Product Manager. After working at various other prominent positions, Mr. Dan Bethelmy Rada finally decided to relocate to the United States to start his new job in Matrix company as a Global Brand President.

Mr . Dan Bethelmy Rada is said to be working on coming up with R.A.W which is an environmentally friendly and legitimate line of products. The idea of this project is mainly based on the fact a big number of consumers around the globe is in dire need of various natural products.

Dan Bethelmy-Rada stayed focused in part due to customers’ desire for products that were sourced from sustainable ingredients. It is said that consumers are not comfortable with most products which are not natural. Most of them are looking up to completely natural products which are friendly to the environment. The new line of products is expected to be natural in the way of production and also packaging.

RAW is working to make sure that the products are very much biodegradable and natural. The professionals working on the project devote their time to scrutinize the life cycle of the formulas to be used. The various ingredients used are mainly obtained from natural sources such as fungi, plants, honey and minerals.

Dan Bethelmy Rada says that it is very costly to come up with the products of the expected standards. The various tests that are carried out to ensure conformance to standards and quality are very much expensive. Another problem is creating awareness to the consumers about the quality of the natural products and their difference from the other products.

Most consumers want to first use the products then they can see the difference by themselves. Regardless of all these challenges Dan Bethelmy Rada reports that the customers are now starting to give positive feedback about the products. View More Information Here.


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Heather Parrys Live Nation Productions Enjoys Gradual Growth with Believer, A Star Is Born, and More

Heather Parry has scaled heights of success to become the President of Live Nation Productions, her company which is involved with prominent films including “A Star Is Born”. “A Star Is Born” features Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper and it has become one of the biggest films in the recent past.

Heather Parry

The successful entrepreneur got in touch with Bradley when he was about to direct the movie, she offered to market the film. She later talked to Bill Gerber, one of the producers of “A Star Is Born”, about the film at a dinner party. Heather Parry demonstrated her company’s marketing capability and she got the opportunity to contribute to the success of the film.

Heather Parry is relentless in her efforts to succeed in what she does and she rarely lets an opportunity to pass. She brought into Live Nation Productions, the film as well as television division of the live-entertainment titan that she launched in 2015. The company has since been involved with “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop: A Bad Boy Story”, “Five Foot Two”, “Nos Amis”, and “The After Party”.

Her personality commands respect and your full attention. According to Combs, Heather Parry is driven, brilliant, and hungry to do big things and she keeps taking creativity to new levels with her creativity. Her extensive list of contacts she has compiled over her last career has empowered her to do great things. She started working at MTV News and worked all the way up to become its West Coast Bureau Chief. As West Coast Bureau, Parry produced “The Week in Rock,” among other projects. She joined Sandler’s Happy Madison Productions in 2005 where she spent 10 years producing “Just Go with It,” “The House Bunny,” and “Pixels. She did the first project after launching Live Nation with Colin Hanks on the Eagles of Death Metal Film. Over the past years, she has widened Live Nation’s portfolio of assets to promote films related to music, which were also exploited full for the prominent “A Star Is Born”.

Vijay Eswaran: Successful Business Communication For The QI Group

Vijay Eswaran communicates with his staff team for the QI Group and its subsidiary managing companies, businesses, enterprises and corporations. When a lighting expert decides to initiate their own store, they may employee other individuals to help them operate the lighting store. A lighting store can be located in any city around the globe. A lighting store is dedicated to providing customers with lighting options. When lighting is installed properly, it can brighten up and entire home. When a home is illuminated, the residents are proud of their structure.

If the customer visits a lighting shop, they may look at different lighting options. Lighting options can include chandeliers, pendants, lamps and other unique lighting sculptures. There are many types of chandeliers to choose from in a lighting store. The lighting store may be able to recommend a type of chandelier to the customer. When the representative recommends a certain chandelier to the customer, they may like their idea. If the customer wants to view a certain chandelier up close, they may ask the representative to bring the item closer to view. If the representative removes the chandelier from the show rack, they must be very careful and not damage the item. Chandeliers are very delicate items that must be handled with extreme care and caution. Chandeliers often contain glass and can break if not properly handled.

The chandelier can be purchased in many beautiful colors. The chandelier can be polished in order to create a highly reflective piece of art. The customer should customize their chandelier structure. In order for the chandelier to be customized, the changes should be properly written down. The representative may write down the specific changes and alterations that will be completed. The process may take a week to complete for the customer and their family.

6 Performers To Watch Out For During Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve


Ryan Seacrest is back again to ring in the new year with a few of the music industry’s top artists. He also has two shows on the radio as well. He co-hosts “On Air with Ryan” as well as “American Top 40” too.

No matter what musical style you love, there’s something for everyone in this who’s who of the best and brightest. Of course, we’ve got a few ideas to keep you dancing through the night. Check out our picks for the performers that everyone will be talking about on January 1.


The band returns to rock the stage after one of 2018’s top grossing tours. They’re sure to perform their new single “Can’t Knock The Hustle” from the upcoming 2019 release “The Black Album”, but don’t be surprised if another song makes its way onto the setlist. After all, Weezer did have a hit song with this year’s remake of the Toto classic “Africa” as well as interpretations of other popular songs.


After some much deserved time off, the singer is back to electrify the stage with her new single. You can be sure to “Level Up” as you catch this talented performer introduce new songs from her 2019 album. No word yet on a tour, so this might be your only glimpse into the singer’s new dance moves.

3.Christina Aguilera

One of pop’s best voices is back to show Ryan Seacrest how diva is done. Her return is marked by the album “Liberation” and its subsequent tour. With outstanding reviews, her new songs are sure to please older fans and newbies alike. Will some of her famous friends stop by for a duet? You’ll just have to wait and see when all is revealed on December 31st.

4.Macklemore and Skylar Grey

The pairing of Macklemore and Skylar Grey produced one of 2017’s biggest hits. “Glorious” is just one of those songs that inspires everyone to smile. It’s an anthem which beautifully promotes welcoming life in every form. What better way to start the new year than humming this catchy melody and singing out with the uplifting lyrics. No word yet if Grey is premiering music from her next album, but it would be great to hear some new songs with Macklemore on board. Go To This Page to learn more.

5.New Kids on the Block

Everything old is new again when it comes to pop music. New Kids on the Block is proving this to be true with a top tour and hit single. You can expect all the dance moves and upbeat pop melodies the band is known for as well as a few nostalgic surprises. It’s all a warm up for the band’s upcoming nationwide tour next year that promises to recreate all the fun memories ’80s kids are looking for.

6.Kelsea Ballerini

2018 has been Kelsea Ballerini’s year and if her appearance on the show is any indication, 2019 is going to be even better. This country dynamo is sure to bring at least one of her 2018 hits singles along for the ride. She might just pop up on The Chainsmoker’s set considering one of her most popular songs featured the band.

2019’s edition of Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve should be the best one yet. Much of that success might just be due to the artists who are stopping by to celebrate. With Ryan Seacrest at the helm, it’s going to be the event of the season.


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Carson Thiel: Putting Patient Satisfaction First

With roots in Germany, Carsten Thiel has studied at some of the most prestigious institutions including the Max Planck Institute. There, he focused him studies on a particular protein involved in the progression of normal, healthy cells into cancer-ridden ones. He entered the pharmaceutical field when he joined the firm Hoffman La-Roche. Working as the Communication and Production manager, Thiel built a positive reputation and was offered a job into another field. During his career, he has released many successful products such as Prolia and Vectibix.

Carsten Thiel’s roles often required him to be a leader to his team and provide an example for them to follow. His sense of ethics made this easier because he would have to choose the options better for patients and products that would fare well in the long run, if not initially. Doing the right thing by his patients gives Thiel a sense of pride to know that the work he has done is not going unappreciated. As a result, sales and revenue for the company increased, as well as customers’ trust and faith in it. See This Page for additional information.

During Thiel’s time working with Amgen, Carsten Thiel was responsible for the launch of a product which would treat bone loss and fractures in women. The system being used at the time did not take into consideration all he possible patients who could need it, but instead a select few who were registered into the system and showed an obvious need. Carsten Thiel altered the system to uncover not-so-obvious patients and they were now able to discuss details and obtain the treatment.

This product is now one of the leading in the field of osteoporosis, providing more patients than ever with the care they need and deserve. Thiel’s compassion leads him to strive for patient satisfaction with all age ranges.

An article from IdeaMensch entitled: “Carsten Thiel: Pharmaceutical & Biopharmaceutical Expert”, Thiel shared how he started his foray into the innovative realm of pharmaceuticals and further expressed his views about the “Golden Age of Biotechnology”.


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The Kisling, Nestico & Redick Guide To Success


Hurt in a car? Who do you call?

If you’re from Ohio you already know the answer to that question. You call Kisling, Nestico & Redick, the best law firm in town.

Who are Kisling, Nestico & Redick?

KNR was founded in 2005 by three attorneys looking to build the best personal injury firm in Ohio. Over a decade later they’ve achieved that goal. KNR is now one of the largest personal injury law firms in the state.

Today they have a formidable army of 30 lawyers, 100 support staff members, and 11 locations. Managing partner Rob Nestico and others were named Top 100 Trial Lawyers by the National Trial Lawyers Association.

On behalf of their clients, Kisling, Nestico & Redick have won $450 million making them one of Ohio’s leading personal injury firms.

KNR’s Recipe for Success

How did they do it? What’s their recipe?

It’s a simple concoction:

  • Personal service
  • Inside knowledge of the insurance industry
  • Extensive legal experience

The experience is a huge factor.

By bringing over 400 years of collective experience to each case, Kisling, Nestico & Redick are able to provide stellar injury law representation. Get More Information Here.

A Much Stronger Difference

Aside from their many million dollar successes, Kisling, Nestico & Redick are making a strong difference in Ohio. After winning a settlement for a couple killed in a car accident, the verdict resulted in stricter training requirements for commercial drivers and safer highways.

Litigation isn’t all Kisling, Nestico & Redick are famous for. They have ingrained themselves in the community, frequently organizing weekly giveaways. Thanksgiving giveaways and Back-to-School drives are also habitual past-times for the firm.

They’ve also raised $300,000 for charities throughout the state. Lawyers and law firms are rarely perceived as heroic, but the accomplishments of Kisling, Nestico & Redick may be enough to change that.


See also: https://www.glassdoor.com/Overview/Working-at-Kisling-Nestico-and-Redick-EI_IE1019698.11,37.htm