Lime Crime Gives Back to Benefit The Kitty Bungalow

While many people know Doe Deere as the self-proclaimed unicorn queen and the founder of lime crime, many may not know about her adoration for animals. Doe has created an acentric and colorful cosmetic and hair line while staying true to her belief that all products should be vegan and cruelty free. Learn more:

Doe holds animal rescue close to her heart and many of her employees at Lime Crime also have adopted or fostered animals for local animal shelters. Doe has teamed up Lime Crime with a local cat rescue called Kitty Bungalow to help benefit wayward cats.

Kitty Bungalow was received their non-profit status in 2009 when the headmistress of the cat rescue discovered several cats living in an abandoned century year old house. The main purpose of this rescue is to reintroduce these cats to homes. Many of these cats do not have basic knowledge of litter box use or how to exist in a home with people. With rehabilitation and lots of love these cats are able to be adapted out to the loving families they deserve.

Lime Crime wanted to help Kitty Bungalow so they created a product line called Kitty Bundles. These bundles consist of multiple lime crime products that are bundled together and given fun and quirky feline names. Twenty percent of the proceeds from the bundles are donated to Kitty Bungalow to help fund any veterinary costs that may accumulate as well as food and litter expenses. Four of the fun feline bundles are called Purr, Pounce, Meow and Bite. The Purr bundle is comprised of metallic matte velvetines lana and happi. The Bite bundle is comprised of velvetines polly and fetish. The Meow bundle is comprised of diamond crushers lit and cheap thrill and the Pounce bundle is comprised of unicorn lipsticks pom pom and varsity.

In addition to the fun lip stick colors that Lime Crime feature they have also extended their product line to include hi-lite compacts in fun shades and nails that come in a variety of eye catching colors. The newest addition to the Lime Crime scene is the unicorn hair line. These come in long lasting colors and simple tints and are available in a wide variety of rainbow colors. Lime Crime unicorn hair products are also vegan and cruelty free. Learn more:

The Manner In Which Equities First Services Are Essential For Small Businesses

Economic growth in different countries is mainly composed of small businesses. The enterprises bring financial changes to several groups of people while delivering their products and services into the market. While they spearhead the financial sector, they usually come with new opportunities. Nevertheless, after the financial crisis of 2008, most of the startups have found struggling to run their operations. Most of them normally relied on traditional loans, but due to the witnessed economic problems, things might have changed.

Equities First is a king in the sector, a company that has brought great hope through its alternative lending solutions. The firm furnishes borrowers with low interest and non-purpose stock-based loans that have ensured potential investors get easier and affordable loans. Equities First services have also turned to be much common particularly with borrowers who don’t meet the minimum lending requirements of traditional lenders.

The monetary freeze of 2008 tossed various economies around the world into a major retreat. The scenario started as a result of credit blast that commenced in mid-2007 followed by the collapse of sub-prime home mortgages and a broad range of securitized items. As the result of emergency raised questions more than answers regarding the solvency and liquidity of affected companies, financial institutions turned up tightening their rules. Presently, most of the small businesses have turned to alternative lending solutions with giants in the industry such as Equities First witnessing a great traction of stock-based borrowers and learn more about Equities First Holdings.

Equities First ( supplies customers with affordable stock loans that come with the small interest of approximately 3 to 4%. The loans have non-resource and non-purpose features, which have enabled them to attract larger amounts of clients over the last couple of years. The organization has completed over 650 transactions roughly worthy $1.4 billion in USD. Today, any potential investor can make a call and get started the innovative journey of modern lending and more information click here.

Bruno Fagali: Choosing A Reliable Lawyer in Brazil

If you are in need of reliable legal advice or guidance in Brazil, check out Bruno Fagali. Numerous clients have relied on Bruno Fagali to have their case resolved. Bruno Fagali has a proven track record and has been practicing for many years.

Whether you are dealing with a business legal matter or other situations involving a legal conflict, dispute, or challenge, you may not want to chance the risks of hiring any lawyer you see out there. Going through a legal matter without the advice or representation of an experienced lawyer is not a good idea.

When searching for a good lawyer or law firm, there are several factors to take into consideration. It is crucial that the law firm or attorney you choose is properly licensed to practice law and represent clients in your state. Also make sure the lawyer has the qualities you’re looking for, and is well known for obtaining great outcomes for clients.

With so many factors, finding a reliable law firm or attorney depends how much you research. Make sure you select a lawyer with years of experience in the field. Also reputation of lawyer maters a lot and should be taken into consideration as you look for a good lawyer. Bruno Fagali is your clear choice when it comes to enlisting the services of a competent lawyer in Brazil.

Bruno Fagali is a highly reputable and experienced attorney. Bruno Fagali represents clients in various areas of law, including Administrative Law, Compliance System, Regulatory Law, Ethics, and Urban Law.

As a trusted legal professional, Bruno Fagali strives to find a way to meet the needs of his clients. He responds to clients promptly and follows through on promises in a timely manner, which is very important, as this indicates reliability.

Bruno Fagali is passionate about getting good results for his clients. He takes the time to evaluate their situation and let them know what he can do for them. Bruno Fagali has represented a wide variety of clients, including business owners, organizations, establishments and enterprises.

Bruno Fagali comes highly recommended and can help resolve your legal matter effectively.

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Health tips to learn from Imran Haque

Imran Haque has contributed a lot to the field of medicine and has a determination towards helping people to find ways through which they can deal with their health problems. Imran puts a lot of value to his customers and works hard towards providing them with tactics to cope with their issues. He acquired his bachelor`s degree from Universidad Iberoamericana University before pursuing his masters, and this has equipped him with impeccable skills to handle and understand people`s problems. Imran secured a license to practice medicine in North Carolina after completing his studies and has over the past years been treating people with various challenges. Due to his amendable skills to handle his patients and offer them with most suitable solutions to their problems Imran has over the past years attracted a large number of clients and as a result, expanded his business.


Imran has managed to open offices in both Asheboro and Ramseur, through which he attends to his customers. He I passionate towards providing a good state of health to his patients and treats a broad range of diseases to make his customers comfortable. Many individuals that have benefited from Imran`s advice and treatment highly recommend his services and are stunned by his expertise. Due to the trust that most of his patients give him, Imran has been chosen by most of his patients to act as their family doctor and physician, and address their health needs whenever they need him.


He provides a large number of services including hair laser removal through which he exposes the hair follicles to a laser to inhibit their growth in the areas that the client disregards. Besides, Imran conducts resurfacing services that highly rely on the use of a particular laser. The resurfacing aims at giving the customer a more beautiful appearance by eliminating annoying blackheads and other constituents in the face, neck or the entire body. Besides, Imran has helped individuals deal with their aging issues through the use of Botox that gives the skin back its youthful appearance leaving one looking more beautiful. Through his extensive range of treatments, Imran has brought confidence to his clients and given them a reason to enjoy life.

Adam Milstein is Changing the World of Philanthropy

One thing that is certain about today’s age is that a lot of people want to call themselves philanthropists. However, in many cases, their philanthropy goes as far as making donations to different charities. While the heart is there, there is so much that people can do in the name of philanthropy. Adam Milstein believes this. This is one of the reasons that he has taken the time to find different ways to be involved in philanthropy. For one thing, he has built his career around doing things for others. His efforts has resulted in him actually changing the world of philanthropy.


Adam Milstein is participating in what he calls active philanthropy. This involves more than just giving donations to charities. He has actually put together his own foundation so that he can make significant contributions to the lives of others. For one thing, his philanthropy and the philanthropy of the Milstein Family Foundation goes far beyond financial support. He and his staff take the time to provide their services in different ways so that people can really benefit from their efforts. For one thing, he partners up with the organizations that he donates to in order to really make contributions.


Adam Milstein is someone who is very active in the lives of his Jewish community. For one thing, he makes sure that he is prominent among the leaders. He is also courageous when it comes to the issues that he takes on which the Jewish community has to face. He is someone that can be relied on when it comes to antisemitism. This is one of the reasons that he is one of the most influential Jews of his time. He is also considered a hero among the Jewish people. He is someone that his people can look to for support and leadership.