How Securus Technologies has succeeded in the implementation of wireless Containment Solution

Many crimes organized by prisoners have been reported in various parts of the of the crimes the crimes that were planned in the prisons is the murder of prison officer known as Robert Johnson. The officer was serving at Lee Correctional Institution before he was attacked. He had been working in correctional facilities for 15 day he impounded drugs worth $50000 that was sent to one of the inmates in prison. The prisoner became angry after learning that the officer had impounded his drugs. He thought of how the officer will be killed. He used an illegal phone to contact one of his friend who was out of the prison. The former inmate was called Sean. Sean agreed to revenge the officer after being promised a reward of $6000. He went to the officer’s home and shot him six times. The officer was rushed to the hospital and survived the attacked. The attack necessitated the invention of a technology that will prevent the prisoners from accessing illegal phones while in prison.

Securus Technologies invented wireless Containment Solution to curb crimes that are being organized by the inmates. The technology detects signals from calls that are being made by prisoners with illegal cell phones. The calls are blocked by the technology. The environment around the correctional facilities is free from calls from contraband communication gadgets. The technology identifies the details of the caller with the illegal phone. The phone is then impounded from the prisoner. Robert Johnson is currently working with Securus Technologies. His contribution to the company has led to the invention of modern technologies from curbing crimes in the society. He has advised the company means of preventing the inmates from making illegal calls.


Federal Communications Commission has promised to work together with Securus technologies to ensure the country is free from drugs. The commission has seconded the inventions from Securus technologies .it has advised many prisons to acquire the technology to fight crime. The wireless Containment Solution regulates the incoming and outgoing calls in the correctional facilities. Well trained prison officers are charged with monitoring the operation of the technology. The calls are intercepted by the technology and blocked from entering into the public network. The calls from authorized phones are allowed to enter into the network. Wireless Containment Solution has cost Securus technologies about $40 million to invent, test and install in some correctional facilities. Over eight prisons have used the technology successfully.


Securus Technologies has contributed a lot towards making the society safe. The company has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. More than 3,450 institutions have benefited from its technology. Some of the institutions that have been assisted by the company to improve safety are law enforcement agencies and investigation departments. Securus Technologies provides services such as incident management and biometric analysis.