The Career of Clay Hutson in the Music Industry

Clayton Hutson has made it in the business world. The businessman owns a very influential company that offers services to event organizers and musicians living in the United States. Clay Hutson is envied by many because he has made it in the business. Musicians who have been hiring his services have praised the high quality services they received. As a sound engineer who got his degree from a leading university in the world, Clay Hutson did not have a problem getting employment in the competitive market. There were many organizations who wanted to hire him as a project manager. The live music department has experienced so much growth in the recent years. Clay Hutson is one of the people who have been part of the growth. His roles in the competitive market include managing, designing and even producing concerts that are out of the world. For many years, the businessman has been focusing on rock music. The numerous managerial and technical responsibilities he had handled in the past have made him very experienced. The businessman has worked with top personalities in the music department such as Kid Rock.

Several years ago, Clay Hutson made an impact after conducting a tout that was known as Bleed Like Me. The tour was being carried out by a popular band called Garbage. Thanks to the tour, the businessman had to travel to various countries of the world such as North America, Europe, and Australia. Hutson was serving as the monitor engineer in the tour, and he performed so well. People in the music department began to realize that the businessman was talented, and he was able to deliver in all situations. In one of the recent publications, Clay Hutson says that he got into the market after developing marketing skills in his previous assignments. His employer, who had helped him to grow his skills, was significantly affected by the recession. When the business closed down, Clay Hutson realized that it was time to venture into the market. His talents have helped him to stay focused and successful. The time he chose to start his business was very risky, but it did not affect his performance.

Clay Hutson: Love for Sound

Clay Hutson is a successful businessman in the sound engineering industry but it didn’t start out that way. He first began his career in Nashville, Tennessee, taking classes in a university about theatre design. After searching for employment, Hutson found job opportunities at companies focused around live music entertainment and later on, he became a project manager for one. Knowing that he had a knack for this industry, Hutson decided to take an entrepreneurial route. And with that Hutson began his entertainment production business.

Clay Hutson was audio engineering for many productions and later on came to like working for music productions; more towards rock’n roll. He then worked as a monitor engineer with rock’n roll bands called “Garbage” in 2005 throughout Europe, North America and Australia. Now Hutson is in charge of stage management for Kid Rock. Clay Hutson had a creative mindset. When developing his ideas he usually creates new audio or lighting notions. Clients are always coming his way because Hutson is known for giving 100 percent every time. He is continuously observing his work and always looks back for any possible errors because he wants to maintain a great reputation. Not only does he like to leave no mistakes with his work but he also likes to work three paces ahead of what going on. That way he and the crew members can work productively.

Even though Hutson has a successful business now, he wasn’t always successful with his work in the beginning. During his years of being a subcontractor for a company, Hutson had a client that was displeased with the work and decided that they wanted Hutson to work with them directly. This ended with an argument and lawsuit with Hutson and his production company. Though, due to his already exceptional reputation, Hutson was able to move forward from this. As an entrepreneur, there will always be trials and tribulations ahead. But the one advice that Clay Hutson recommends to anyone is to always be prepared, organized and confident with your work.