Sharon Prince Adopts A Holistic Approach In Grace Farms To Enhance Wellness


Sharon Price has always been interested in developing a place that would cater for the wellbeing of the community through a holistic approach. In the year 2009, she started her own startup they would be the future of many people who sought prayers and grace for their wellness. See This Article for more information.


Since then Sharon Prince Grace Farms has been enhancing the lives of many people through participation in community based programs, faith as well as acquiring justice. Through her efforts to support the community, Sharon Prince was appointed to commission the SANAA, an award winning company in the launching of their new facility. Sharon showed her enthusiasm to work as she had her own company before focusing on Grace farms.


66North was the name of the company that dealt with the development of outwear fashion brands. Her efforts in the company saw the expansion the company’s stores in different parts of America. Then, the company became one of largest distributor of Icelandic technical outwear.


As for today, Grace Farms has been known as a place of grace by many people. In as much as they ensure the promotion of the social good, they have also participated in environmental sustainability garnering different awards as well as a global recognition by the United Nations. Additionally, her career has had so much prosperity due to the world recognition and the numerous awards she has received.


In her journey, she has helped fight the different forms of immorality and social injustices in the community. Some of the injustices fought against by Grace Farm’s programs are children and women abuse, human trafficking among others. As such, Sharon Prince has led in different movements and campaigns to advocate for humanitarian actions across the world.


Some of the campaigns include, “Fighting Human Trafficking in Conflict and Unchain: Freedom Need Fighters”. Ever since Sharon Prince founded the firm, many people have benefited from them as well as the charity to help the Nepal human injustices victims.


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A Brief Spotlight On Grace Farms Founder Sharon Prince


The community center and cultural institution known as Sharon Prince Grace Farms is based throughout over 80 acres of peaceful natural beauty, utilizes the bountiful outdoor surroundings to encourage understanding and education, increase communication, inspire thought, garner preservation and expand an appreciation for all aspects of nature.

Free to the public and open seven days per week, Grace Farms invites visitors to get close to nature, encounter thought-provoking art, hear from thought leaders within various disciplines, engage with individuals of diverse backgrounds, and actively interact in various programs on the site.

Despite Grace Farms being earnestly all-rounded in its contribution of programming, the lush surroundings extend a hand to natural offerings year-round. Matter of fact, the 80-acres that make up Grace Farms constitute one of the biggest open areas available to the public in the county of Fairfield, thanks in part to its President and Chair Sharon Prince.

Ms. Prince trail-blazed the plans for Grace Farms, which in time became a new type of public space shared by nonprofit organizations and individuals. She also commissioned SANAA, a Pritzker Prize winning firm to create its accompanying River building.

Ms. Sharon Prince has battled to put a stop to violence against women on an international, national and local scale, human trafficking, and child exploitation via her work with the Foundation. Despite her outstanding accomplishments with Grace Farms, Sharon Prince also serves with a charity personally endeavored with reuniting families with children whom were victims of exploitation called the Board of Next Generation Nepal.

Prior to becoming President and Chair of Grace Farms, Ms. Sharon Prince was the President of an Icelandic technical outerwear brand that she created and dispersed in 100 shopping facilities in North America. Sharon Prince also attended the University of Tulsa where she studied to acquire a BS/BA and MBA, which she currently holds. She is also involved with Next Generation Nepal, which is a charitable organization that helps reunite victims of child exploitation with their families.


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Sharon Prince: Nature’s Sustainability For The Ecosystem And Environment


Sharon Prince is an entrepreneur and activist, who has been in the industry of human rights, social rights, social justice and environmental peace over the past decade. Sharon Prince has demonstrated her leadership abilities in many ways. She also received the Auburn Seminary’s “Lives of Commitment Award”. And the NOMI Network’s “Abolitionist Award”.

Social rights are basic rights. As a result of her long career, Sharon Prince acquired the skills needed to manifest Sharon Prince Grace Farms. With many acres of land, the farm is able to provided needed resources to many people in need.

Water is a vital resource often taken for granted in many situations. Clean drinking water is not readily available in most places. Even in a populated city like New York City, people rely on bottled water. There is no fresh-water source for drinking within 70 miles of New York City. Most people are not aware of these statistics because they have the convivence of bottled water in all supermarkets. Refer to This Article for more information.

Clean drinking water is not naturally available in the vast majority of cities around the globe. Investing in a clean and organized farm like the one initiated by Sharon Prince gives a sense of pride. Participates feel prideful that they contributed to such a beautiful source of untouched nature. Human development has caused devastating effects on the natural balance of the earth’s ecosystem.

An ecosystem is defined by a complete biological system of organisms that each function in a cohesive manner. Every ecosystem must be supplied basic needs for survival such as pure water, pure air, pure ground soil and limited exposure to toxicity. Synthetic pesticides and other toxic materials are not allowed in organic farming or for organic ecosystem functions.

Grace Farms is making efforts towards a sustainable ecosystem. Sustainability of the earth’s naturally-occurring resources is paramount for success. Organisms cannot run unless their basic needs of pure resources are consistently met.


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