Mark Holyoake Looks To Make Major Moves In Real Estate


Mark Holyoake has been working in the field of private investment since the early ’90s. While focusing heavily on the food sector, Mark has broadened his horizons of late, becoming a leading entrepreneur in private equity investments.

While Mark Holyoake primarily focuses his investing in London, his concepts and ideas can find footing in any place around the world. Today, we are going to get to know Holyoake, what makes him tick, and what has led him to this almost unrivaled level of success.

Mark Holyoake graduated from the University of Reading with his degree in business in 1995. From there, it was a short trip for Mark to begin really broadening his portfolio into an international model. Before long, Holyoake was working internationally in both the residential and commercial food sectors. Buoyed by his work at Oakvest, Holyoake’s private investment fund, he has managed to establish himself a portfolio that is competitive with nearly anyone in the industry.

He began transforming Oakvest into the powerhouse that it is today back in 2010. Holyoake saw that Oakvest had massive potential and that with the right push and mindset, the investment firm could begin to spread throughout Europe. Now, nine years later, Oakvest is operating more effectively than it ever has before. Holyoake touts his collaborative team as being the fuel for Oakvest’s rise over the past decade.

For Mark Holyoake, working as an entrepreneur means that every day is going to be something of an adventure. Holyoake starts his day at 6 A.M. where he answers emails and quietly communicates with his team while gathering his thoughts for the rest of the day. From there, Holyoake works to collaborate as often as possible with his team. Holyoake believes that it is borderline impossible to succeed without the support of a quality team around you.


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