Securus Pushing Forward With Heart & Their Wireless Containment System

Dealing with all the things involved with correctional facilities is not easy. The people locked up in there are criminals. There is no doubt about that fact, but these people also deserve a chance at rehabilitation. Furthermore, these people have family members who had nothing to do with their crimes. These are just some of the things that Securus Technologies thinks about as it rolls out communication tools for correctional facilities. One of the tools the company is most excited about is their Wireless Containment System, which is something they have been working on with Robert Johnson.


The system has been created to work with state laws regarding jamming cellphone signals. Most states do not allow this practice as it affects too many people, but Securus’ new system is targeted so that it is only going to affect the correctional facility it is meant to. Some may wonder, including myself, what is the harm of cellphone use in prison. I thought that people just wanted to talk to families, but there is a more sinister use of cellphones in prison, which is something ex-correctional officer Johnson can attest to.


Prisoners have used contraband cellphones to initiate horrendous acts outside, such as murder. Johnson was actually a victim of a hit that was started with a contraband cellphone from within a prison. A man broke into his home and managed to shoot him six times in the stomach. He survived to fight another day, and he is fighting with the help of Securus. Johnson and Securus want to give prisoners an opportunity to communicate with others but to do so safely and without putting communities in jeopardy.


Securus has been a leading voice in the inmate communications industry for years now, so it makes sense that it is attempting to figure out a way to make communication safer. I was surprised to see how much they have done for prisoners all these years. For one, they have been spearheading the fight to make sure that prisoners have the opportunity to talk to others using smart technology such as video calling. This makes it easier for them to not only talk to family members but to see them, too.


The company also provided free calls to inmates that were being held in state prisons in Louisiana. This was done during the floods that the state had a few years ago. People, on the outside and inside of state prisons, were worried about those they care about. The company just wanted to make it easier for families to communicate with each other and know that everyone is okay. Securus is definitely a company worth paying attention to because they always seem to be moving forward within the industry to help correctional officers, prisoners, and those with loved ones in prison.