Betsy DeVos Is an Unstoppable Force

President Donald Trump not too long ago overturned a noted federal policy. This policy gave transgendered students the freedom to employ bathrooms at their educational institutions that corresponded with their specific feelings about gender identity. Betsy DeVos is the name of Trump’s education secretary. She attended a meeting with a transgender and gay worker representative right before President Trump’s policy reversal took place. Her objective in speaking with the representative was to alert the individual to the upcoming change. One of DeVos’ assistants told the representative that she was totally against the action. Despite that, she maintained her composure entirely. No one else could tell that there was any friction between DeVos and the rest of the administration. DeVos was around when the new policy was unveiled to the world.


DeVos has been a public figure for many years now. She’s been a major supporter of school vouchers and charter schools for a long time. People who have witnessed DeVos in action throughout the course of time know all too well that she’s far from submissive and passive. They also know that she likes to maintain her cool in front of other people. She’s the kind of person who has the ability to stay the picture of confidence even in the middle of major troubles and issues. DeVos is a Michigan native. People who come from the Midwestern state know her public image there. She’s essentially an unstoppable force. She’s the heiress of a substantial fortune that gives her the ability to take on the things that mean the most to her. It doesn’t matter if those things relate to education, politics or anything else. DeVos is an individual who is 100 percent enthusiastic about her beliefs and aims.


Some people believe that others do not know what to anticipate from Betsy DeVos. The people who meet her in daily life see that she’s a pleasant, cordial and likeable individual. They’re in many cases totally unaware of her undeniable power and tenacity, however.


DeVos’ name at birth was Elisabeth Prince. She was born in January of 1958. Her upbringing was in Holland in Michigan. Her mother was called Elsa and her father was called Edgar. Edgar was a highly regarded professional who was a major player in the industrial world. He was the creator of the Prince Corporation. DeVos is of Dutch heritage. Her maiden name used to be spelled “Prins.”


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Betsy DeVos strengthening the community around her

President Donald Trump’s Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos has had a major impact on the education system in America, long before she was appointed by Trump. She has been a strong advocate for school choice. Betsy and Dick DeVos are the leaders of the Windquest Group. The Windquest Group financially supports technology, manufacturing and clean energy projects. The DeVos family foundation has reached the levels of influence that the Koch Brothers have and now one of the most influential conservative donors over the last few decades. Betsy DeVos and the foundation has given millions to think tanks, legal groups and institutes.


Betsy DeVos has financially supported her local community in Michigan. DeVos family has given $44 million in political contributions within Michigan. Betsy DeVos is also philanthropic and as such co-chaired the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. The DeVos foundation is funding two private schools as well as the Education Freedom Fund. The EFF helps needy children so they can afford to attend private schools. The family foundation has also helped fund a variety of organizations.


Prior to joining the Trump administration, Betsy DeVos was the chair for the American Federation for Children. Betsy DeVos is also on the board of an educational think tank that was launched by Jeb Bush. The family foundation not only supports education but also funds healthcare and the arts. The DeVos foundation supports a child oncology unit at the Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital. Both Betsy and her husband have given nearly $1 million to a DC think-tank and approved another $1 million in funding for the organization American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy. The DeVos family has also contributed $10,000 to the IFJ, which is a law firm that financially supports school choice suits across the country.


The DeVos family foundation contributes financially to a number of schools including: Wake Forest, Calvin College and Ferris State University. The DeVos family has contributed to the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. Each year, the foundation sponsors ArtPrize, which is an international art competition held in Grand Rapids. The family’s foundation was started in 1989.

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