NewsWatch Supports Avanca’s Crowdfunding Campaign

NewsWatch is an American television program which focuses on consumer news, technology, celebrity interviews, medical news, government news, mobile app reviews, public service announcements, and entertainment news. This program is well known for satellite media tour interviews as well as non-profit campaigns in the country. Although this program is based in Washington, DC, it has offices in New York City, Denver, CO, VA, and Fairfax.

This TV program has worked with numerous fortune 500 companies as well as countless independent app developers from all over the globe. One of the companies that have benefitted from NewsWatch TV program is Avanca.

Avanca launched their crowdfunding campaign on a platform called Indiegogo where they aimed to raise $10,000 within a 30 day period. Therefore, it goes without saying that their campaign needed to be heavily advertised in order to reap any fruits at all. The company decided to hire NewsWatch to air a one-minute promotional video under NewsWatch TV Reviews. The results were astounding. Within 30 days, the company had managed to raise a capital of $456,551 which translates to 2,939% over the original set goal.

In the end, the Avanca crowdfunding campaign was an overwhelming success, all thanks to NewsWatch. The company had managed to raise a capital 29 times more than they had set out to raise. In fact, this crowdfunding campaign was aired in more than 200 U.S markets, reaching approximately 96 million households. Of these, 1 million people made small online contributions to the company.

The Avanca success story is just one among many. In 2012, NewsWatch launched AppWatch, a segment which aims to discover and review new and upcoming mobile applications. This segment has reviewed numerous popular mobile apps such as RCN Mobile App, MoWeather, and AZ Pest Control.