A Look Into Evergreen Healthcare Partners As Regards Drew Madden

Evergreen Healthcare Partners is a consulting firm in the health sector that works together with other healthcare firms in the U.S. to provide great solutions to medical problems. Drew Madden is the company’s founder. In an interview with Inspirery, Drew said that Evergreen came about because of his desire to make operational processes in healthcare better using IT. To achieve this, he has hired the best employees in healthcare IT and consulting. He also believes in collaborating with other companies and clients in order to make ideas a reality.

Drew’s daily routine involves going to meetings to talk about different projects. He also meets with client partners to talk about the challenges they face and to show Evergreen’s support in helping them solve those issues. The meetings also involve convocation with leaders in the recruitment industry to talk about their on-going projects. When asked what makes him productive in business, Madden says that it is by establishing good relationships in all aspects of his life. He says that being a good listener helps them understand the needs of their clients and know the right channels to use to meet them. Madden says he also believes in listening to his employees so that he can empower them to be at their full potential.

Moreover, Drew is excited by seeing how Electronic Health Records(E.H.R.) will change the healthcare sector in future. Healthcare facilities collect a lot of data every day, and E.H.R. has come to make it easy to use such records to bring positive change. Madden and his team offer advisory and implementation services on various EHR platforms. Evergreen empowers its members to do their best in their careers and to enjoy what they do.

About Drew Madden

Drew is an entrepreneur in healthcare IT sector. His passion is bringing together highly experienced teams to build trustworthy partnerships and good company culture. He is a partner at Evergreen Healthcare partners. This company provides leading services in healthcare IT to their partners all over the country. He believes in networking. His advice to everyone is to never miss a chance to connect with those around, as everyone has something they can do to influence your life positively.

Find out more about Drew Madden: https://drew-madden.com/