Mark Holyoake Looks To Make Major Moves In Real Estate


Mark Holyoake has been working in the field of private investment since the early ’90s. While focusing heavily on the food sector, Mark has broadened his horizons of late, becoming a leading entrepreneur in private equity investments.

While Mark Holyoake primarily focuses his investing in London, his concepts and ideas can find footing in any place around the world. Today, we are going to get to know Holyoake, what makes him tick, and what has led him to this almost unrivaled level of success.

Mark Holyoake graduated from the University of Reading with his degree in business in 1995. From there, it was a short trip for Mark to begin really broadening his portfolio into an international model. Before long, Holyoake was working internationally in both the residential and commercial food sectors. Buoyed by his work at Oakvest, Holyoake’s private investment fund, he has managed to establish himself a portfolio that is competitive with nearly anyone in the industry.

He began transforming Oakvest into the powerhouse that it is today back in 2010. Holyoake saw that Oakvest had massive potential and that with the right push and mindset, the investment firm could begin to spread throughout Europe. Now, nine years later, Oakvest is operating more effectively than it ever has before. Holyoake touts his collaborative team as being the fuel for Oakvest’s rise over the past decade.

For Mark Holyoake, working as an entrepreneur means that every day is going to be something of an adventure. Holyoake starts his day at 6 A.M. where he answers emails and quietly communicates with his team while gathering his thoughts for the rest of the day. From there, Holyoake works to collaborate as often as possible with his team. Holyoake believes that it is borderline impossible to succeed without the support of a quality team around you.


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Richard Liu Qiangdong’s Journey To Life And Business Success


Today, China is a leading market in the adoption of e-commerce. Much of its population are in the middle class, and thus they have quite a notable purchasing power.

Richard Liu is one of the entrepreneurs fueling the success of China’s adoption. This is through his e-commerce platform which is one of the most prosperous in the country. is estimated to serve more than 100 million active shoppers and is worth more than $57 billion. Liu, the founder of this platform, is worth more than $12 billion according to 2018 statistics.

Mr. Qiangdong has managed to accrue a few important accolades over the years Richard Liu has been featured as an Honoree in Variety 500 website entitled, “ Richard Liu; Founder / Chairman / CEO”, as a result of his persistence, innovation, and hard work.


Practicing business at a young age

In interviews, Richard Liu has always credited his success and business prowess to the fact that he was introduced to business at a very young age. He was born on 14th February 1974 in the town of Suqian, in China’s Jiangsu province. Liu was born in a business-oriented family and had a quite normal childhood. His parents ran a coal shipping business, and from a young age, he would help both his parents and members of his extend family do their business. This instilled in him the values of hard work. Richard Liu Qiangdong’s parents were keen to provide him with proper education and always encouraged him to excel in all his endeavors.


Excelling in business

Richard Liu Qiangdong set up his first business in 1998 after he left employment at Japan Life where he had been working for two years. He established 360Buy Jingdong, his first shop which specialized in selling magneto-optical products in Beijing . Thanks to his business prowess, Liu grew this business to a total of 12 shops by 2003. In 2003, he decided to launch his business online as after a SARS outbreak made it hard for him to run physical shops.


By the end of 2004, Richard had taken his business entirely online and closed all the physical shops. A little by little, he started incorporating more products to his e-commerce platform as it grew. was soon selling consumer goods and household electronics, and from this point, it grew to the conglomerate it is today.


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A Man As A Legend: Richard Liu Qiangdong


Richard Liu Qiangdong reached a 7-billion-dollar-net worth as if he was destined to. He started with just a small business to his name, and it’s now the largest of its kind in China. Jingdong is growing and its leaders are leading it into a global market. Liu Qiangdong is now equipped with the resources to further JD’s growth.

In an article with Seeking Alpha entitled “ Will Richard Liu Deliver In 2019?”, it indicated that the positive vibes manifested by the management during the 3Q 2018 earnings conference call bodes well for a brighter 2019.

Where Jingdong stands today sets a new standard.

Richard Liu Qiangdong has turned his focus to the U.S. consumer. His hopes for the U.S. market stem from a belief that he holds—deep within himself. He sees Jingdong as now equipped to serve the planet. What Liu achieved in China hasn’t been done in any other part of the world. His work is redefining e-commerce and how products are delivered worldwide.

What Made Richard’s Jingdong Possible

The behemoth brand, which Richard Liu built as his-online retailer, grew only after he had held onto his own originality. He never took from successful brands or had to put a twist on what they were doing. The growth of Jingdong, from just 12-physical stores, is a clear display of Richard’s genius. Here are a few factors that raised Liu’s work above and beyond.

Online Retail

The difference between physical stores and those found online is a difference in inventory and overhead. The cost of operating online became little for Jingdong. With digital, there are less employees to keep and more consumers to find. The people who buy online are also likely to buy more; these, they don’t have to leave their beds when making a purchase.


Managing his own deliveries helped Richard Liu Qiangdong to avoid the use of contracts and multiple locations. A central warehouse, which automated orders as they came in, was pivotal in getting packages out on time and to their final destinations. Ownership then enabled Richard Liu to perfect how deliveries were made, for his agency oversaw the entire process.


Rewards were eventually given to Richard’s most loyal customers, and doing so encouraged his buyers to spend even more.


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Vijay Eswaran: Successful Business Communication For The QI Group

Vijay Eswaran communicates with his staff team for the QI Group and its subsidiary managing companies, businesses, enterprises and corporations. When a lighting expert decides to initiate their own store, they may employee other individuals to help them operate the lighting store. A lighting store can be located in any city around the globe. A lighting store is dedicated to providing customers with lighting options. When lighting is installed properly, it can brighten up and entire home. When a home is illuminated, the residents are proud of their structure.

If the customer visits a lighting shop, they may look at different lighting options. Lighting options can include chandeliers, pendants, lamps and other unique lighting sculptures. There are many types of chandeliers to choose from in a lighting store. The lighting store may be able to recommend a type of chandelier to the customer. When the representative recommends a certain chandelier to the customer, they may like their idea. If the customer wants to view a certain chandelier up close, they may ask the representative to bring the item closer to view. If the representative removes the chandelier from the show rack, they must be very careful and not damage the item. Chandeliers are very delicate items that must be handled with extreme care and caution. Chandeliers often contain glass and can break if not properly handled.

The chandelier can be purchased in many beautiful colors. The chandelier can be polished in order to create a highly reflective piece of art. The customer should customize their chandelier structure. In order for the chandelier to be customized, the changes should be properly written down. The representative may write down the specific changes and alterations that will be completed. The process may take a week to complete for the customer and their family.

Carson Thiel: Putting Patient Satisfaction First

With roots in Germany, Carsten Thiel has studied at some of the most prestigious institutions including the Max Planck Institute. There, he focused him studies on a particular protein involved in the progression of normal, healthy cells into cancer-ridden ones. He entered the pharmaceutical field when he joined the firm Hoffman La-Roche. Working as the Communication and Production manager, Thiel built a positive reputation and was offered a job into another field. During his career, he has released many successful products such as Prolia and Vectibix.

Carsten Thiel’s roles often required him to be a leader to his team and provide an example for them to follow. His sense of ethics made this easier because he would have to choose the options better for patients and products that would fare well in the long run, if not initially. Doing the right thing by his patients gives Thiel a sense of pride to know that the work he has done is not going unappreciated. As a result, sales and revenue for the company increased, as well as customers’ trust and faith in it. See This Page for additional information.

During Thiel’s time working with Amgen, Carsten Thiel was responsible for the launch of a product which would treat bone loss and fractures in women. The system being used at the time did not take into consideration all he possible patients who could need it, but instead a select few who were registered into the system and showed an obvious need. Carsten Thiel altered the system to uncover not-so-obvious patients and they were now able to discuss details and obtain the treatment.

This product is now one of the leading in the field of osteoporosis, providing more patients than ever with the care they need and deserve. Thiel’s compassion leads him to strive for patient satisfaction with all age ranges.

An article from IdeaMensch entitled: “Carsten Thiel: Pharmaceutical & Biopharmaceutical Expert”, Thiel shared how he started his foray into the innovative realm of pharmaceuticals and further expressed his views about the “Golden Age of Biotechnology”.


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Louis Chenevert Insights on the Aging Workforce Dilemma

Louis Chenevert is a Canadian businessman who is popularly known for transforming United Technologies Corporations. Chenevert served as the firm’s Chairman President and CEO. UTC is a leading conglomerate in the aerospace sector. Besides UTC, Louis Chenevert has served in other multinational companies such as Pratt & Whitney and General Motors among others.

The aging dilemma is an issue that has been of concern to the human resource managers of companies. As people age, it is naturally expected that their performance and health would be compromised. However, research has disputed this assumption as about 25 percent of Americans who are over the age of 65 are the ones that have been categorized to have fair to poor health. The majorities 75 percent are fit and are still productive at their workplaces. A research that was conducted by over 2500 human resource officers suggests that the aged were more experienced knowledgeable, skillful, show greater professionalism and strong work ethics as compared to youthful workers.

It appears that the youths will have to wait longer to take up the occupation of the Baby Boomers whose life spans have increased and are not prepared for retirement due to some reasons. Among the reasons is that many of these people have no retirement savings and pension plans and can only depend on the social security fund that is not enough to cater for things like health insurance. From research young people have also been found to lack the necessary skills for most jobs. With technological advancement, there is the fear of redundancy in regards to skills in the workplace. Jobs qualifications have changed and more jobs today require digital and technology knowledge.

Louis Chenevert had earlier foreseen these human resource challenges while working as president and CEO of UTC. As a result, Chenevert initiated an employee scholar learning program that will ensure that UTC employees whether young or old would always remain relevant in the workplace. The program gave UTC employees the chance to advance their careers or explore new opportunities in different fields. UTC fully sponsored the program and paid for tuition, academics, and books. The program is quite a success, and so far UTC has spent more than 1.2 billion dollars on the program.

Jojo Hedanya of Unroll.ME

To become a successful CEO, one has to work really hard at their craft. A good work ethic is accompanied by mental discipline and other features that make a well-rounded entrepreneur. Jojo Hedaya has managed to achieve this through persistent hard work and dedication. He started his fist company at the age of twenty four and hasn’t looked back ever since. Throughout his professional career, Jojo Hedaya picked up mental traits that have served him well till this day. This includes the lack of fear he shows towards his goals. In order to achieve his goals, he had to drop the whispers of self-doubt and acknowledge the lion roaring within. Jojo Hedaya took the leap of faith courageously after recognizing his potential, and is currently eating the fruits of success. Another part of a successful founder is the ability to simplify obstacles. To be highly efficient it’s important to breakdown challenges to their simplest form, so they can be tackled.

Early in his life, Jojo Hedaya attended a Jewish high school, afterwards he went to Israel for his university. He then connected with his future business partner Josh Rosendal. Together they developed the software that changed the face of electronic mailing. Their bond was strengthened by the similarities they shared, such as having the same birthday and growing up in the same city. He then chose to drop out of university months before his final exam to pursue the startup. He doesn’t regret the decision, in fact he says it was the right choice. In suggested our society needed skillful individuals and that’s why people attended university. In his own case, he already had the skillset needed to thrive in the industry.

Unroll.Me helps people organize emails and promote efficiency with electronic mail. The software works by filtering mails and separating them into folders called “rollups”. The rollups contain specific content like subscription, newsletters and others. It gives the user a chance to go through them and select the most useful from the list. When the software was released, it was met with so much praise from online platforms. Thousands of users signed up and since then, Unroll.Me hasn’t stopped growing.

Steve Ritchie – Enhancing The Brand Reputation Of Papa John’s


Managing and taking the brand such as Papa John’s to new heights of success is no easy feat, but Steve Ritchie has managed to do it with his business acumen and vision. He started at Papa John’s as a customer service representative and slowly began to rank up over the years, handling various roles, before being promoted to his current post of Chief Executive Officer. Serving at Papa John’s International for over twenty-two years, Steve Ritchie has not only understood the pizza business like the back of his hand, but he has also been able to take the industry further by expanding aggressively and integrating new technological advances to the company’s business and operational machinery.

Steve Ritchie PapaJohn’s is from Louisville, Kentucky, and he even owned a Pizzeria there and worked with determination to make it a success. It shows his passion for the pizza business well before he started at Papa John’s. Papa John’s is the third largest pizza franchise in the world with over five thousand stores worldwide, and counting. Steve Ritchie is also responsible for the global development and brand reputation of Papa John’s. To enhance the brand’s performance as well as reputation, he continues to integrate various technologies with the company’s operational machinery. Recently, Steve Ritchie also sent an open letter to his entire staff to join the training for racial bias.

Steve Ritchie PapaJohn’s understands that for a company to be more open to different cultures, it is vital that their staffs are well-aware of the company’s motto of equity, diversity, and fairness. Inculcating these qualities in the company’s staff across the board is what training is meant for, and Steve Ritchie firmly believes it would help in improving Papa John’s brand reputation.

It would also prevent any unfair practice that can patch the clean record Papa John’s has been maintaining for years when it comes to its approach towards different cultures and social environments without discrimination and bias. Steve Ritchie continues to improve the customer service standards at Papa John’s that help not only the company’s sale and revenue generation but also its market reputation. Find Related Information Here.


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Carsten Thiel Explains Why We Should All Be Excited About Biotechnology


Biotechnology is having its moment in the sun as it were. We have seen numerous industries come into their own in recent years. The technology industry is among the most celebrated of these as the giants of the tech sector have managed to create a massive number of products that we use and gain something from in our lives. Now, it is the time for biotechnology.

The central issue that biotechnology seeks to take on as Carsten Thiel sees it is to help human beings to live as long and healthy as possible. That is the goal that all of us have when it is all said and done. We want to get the most out of our lives.

Dr. Carsten Thiel is an expert in the field of biotechnology, who shares the view that the commercialization of gene therapies has become feasible as a result of ever-increasing efficiency and lower overhead involved in implementing technological innovations.

Carsten Thiel points to the decreasing cost of technology as a major factor in biotechnology getting a jump start. In just the last two decades we have seen plenty of medical advances that we did not believe were possible before. Visit This Page for more information.

Another reason why we have seen increases in the biotechnology field is the fact that we now have a better understanding of the way that human biology works. We know things such as the fact that cellular biology plays a major role in the way that we live and grow. We continue to conduct experiments, but we have made a lot of headway towards getting a full grasp on what is going on within ourselves.

Considering all of this, Carsten Thiel believes that biotechnology is going to continue to zoom forward into the next decades.


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Richard Liu Qiangdong: An Exquisite Story Of Success


Every success is backed with a Hardwork, trials and challenges. Success is sweeter when the road going there is rougher and more challenging – and one excellent success story is the story of Richard Liu Qiangdong.

Richard Liu Qiangdong is currently the owner and Chief Executive Officer of is one of China’s biggest e-commerce platforms, and is the direct competitor of which is owned by Jack Ma. The erection and establishment of is probably one of the most interesting stories in businesses.

Richard Liu Qiangdong was not born with a silver spoon, but Liu was born with tenacity, resilience, adaptability and was born as a natural genius. Richard Liu Qiangdong studied Sociology in his college years and received an Executive Master’s in Business Administration – and during all these years he was spending his down time in teaching himself basic programming – not knowing that he will be using this in the near future when he builds

After college, he went into building a business that involved selling magneto-optic products in physical brick and mortar stores around Beijing. Richard Liu had a stable flow of business, managing around 12 physical stores. But then, everything changed when the SARS epidemic hit China, which meant that Richard Liu had to shut down his physical operations in order to keep everyone safe from the disease. But this also meant that business was stopped, and Richard Liu was at the brink of bankruptcy, and the epidemic has left him without a source of income. But this is the time where his resiliency will be put to the test – he gathers his managers and dependable team members, and they resulted into venturing into e-commerce and online shopping to continue their operations during the epidemic, and this resulted to what we know now as Get More Information Here. is now one of the best performing online shops and they are off to even greater heights. Richard Liu Qiangdong makes sure that stays relevant to the changing times and makes efforts towards sustainability and environmental sensitivity, and he also makes sure that he is of active help to his community.


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