Igor Cornelsen, South America’s leading investment banker

Igor Cornelsen is a native of Curitiba. He was raised in this region, and after high school, he enrolled at the Federal University of Parana. Igor Cornelsen studied engineering because it was the only course being offered at the college at the time.

Entry to the Federal University in the ’60s was competitive given at this institution was the only one in the State of Parana and whole of Santa Catarina. Two years into the course, the university introduced a business programme. Igor Cornelsen took it as an opportunity to pursue economics, a field he had always wanted to venture in.

Igor Cornelsen’s career journey in the investment banking world

Five years upon enrolling to the university, he graduated with honors. An investment bank in town offered him a chance to work with them. At the time, computers and calculators had not been invented.

His engineering background came in handy when he was required to compute compounded interest rates. This skill made Igor Cornelsen pro in this line of work earning him a position in another organization in Rio de Janeiro. During his tenure at Multibanco, he became a seasoned investment banker who was often recognized by his bosses for his excellent work.

Two years later, he was made the chief executive officer of the largest bank in the capital. In 1978, when Bank of America bought Multibanco, this professional left to explore other frontiers. Unibanco offered him a chance as one of the top executives of the company, but he later went when inflation hit the Brazilian economy.

The highlight of his career was when a London merchant finance organization hired him. This new job translated to an increased salary which was paid in dollars and offered Igor Cornelsen an opportunity to start investing. Standard Chartered Bank offered him membership to the board of directors, a post that placed him in a position of power for seven years.

He also served as a representative of Brazil, presenting significant information on the company’s operations in South America. In the mid 90’s he quit launching his investment firm that provided similar services like the London merchant. Currently, he runs the operations of his establishment in Brazil.