Gaining Oil And Gas Knowledge From Matthew Fleeger

Gulf Coast Western is a family-owned business based in the United States and focuses on the oil and gas industry. It combines its resources and talents to explore and acquire oil reserves in the gulf coast region. Matthew Fleeger, CEO and President of the institution says they aim at giving their shareholders the best evaluating the minimal risks in place. Open and transparent relationships are the main pillar of the company’s success over the years. It has locations in Dallas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Colorado, and Mississippi.

Partnerships with the Orbit Gulf Coast Exploration and Orbit Energy Partners recently expanded their operations. Gulf Coast Western is now able to access hundreds of acres where they produce wells that produce up to 30 million barrels. An agreement by Warhorse Oil and Gas emerged because of the two partnerships. Gulf Coast got the mandate to acquire the development wells in Louisiana which produce over 800 oil barrels every day. More than half of the partners of Gulf Coast Western do joint ventures occasionally.

Matthew Fleeger is also an expert in the waste management and tanning industries. He is known for the establishment of two business enterprises in the tannin sector that had a revenue of 100 million dollars. Matthew Fleeger is also a team builder and a strategic planner. He uses these techniques in performing his duties at the Gulf Coast Western company. Having a bachelor’s degree in business administration shows that he has knowledge about finance and marketing processes.

With the use of PUD, the organization plans to design two workover wells hence increasing production potential. Another transaction with the Northcote Energy enabled the entity to acquire half of their working assets and interest thus expanding their operations to Shoats Creek. This partnership consists of a program to develop wells in Frio, Cockfield, and Wilcox. Due to its integrity, the company has a triple-A rating from the Better Business Bureau.

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