Stratford Shields Of Loop Capital Gets Interviewed

Stratford Shields serves as the Managing Director at Loop Capital Markets. Loop Capital is an investment firm that provides financial services. As its name implies, Loop Capital offers capital solutions to governments, businesses, and institutes as part of the financial services the firm offers. Founded in 1997, Loop Capital is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois.

Stratford Shields

As mentioned, Stratford Shields is the Managing Director at Loop Capital. Today, we take a closer look at the Managing Director in a recent article dated April 26th of 2019. The article begins to account his extensive experience in the finance sector. Prior to beginning his career, Stratford Shields was a graduate of Ohio State University. He earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in History while studying there. Later, he earned his Master of Business Administration degree in Finance at Columbia Business School in 1995.

Accumulatively, the article states that he has over “20 years” of leadership experience in the finance industry. He has served as “Chairman of the Securities Industry Financial Markets Association (SIMFA) Municipal Division, Vice Chairman, and Treasurer.” Adding to his experience, Stratford Shields was also “Head of Public Finance at two Wall Street firms”.

The article then moves forward and begins to interview Mr. Shields. In it, it talks about the origins of the company, his typical day, and various other topics. Mr. Shields talks about his typical day, in that, he is constantly strategizing and thinking of creative solutions for his clients. He also expresses his “excitement for privatizing universities and major healthcare systems.

The interview moves on and also asks Mr. Shield what he would recommend to everyone. Mr. Shields replies, “get up when you are knocked down …” and to “… not slow your momentum.” In addition, he also recommends reading the book titled, “Liar’s Poker”.

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Sharon Prince Hand in Fighting for Justice


Sharon Prince founded the Grace Farm Foundation, an organization she runs privately, in 2009 Sharon Prince has also been on the forefront for a long time calling for gender equality, children rights as well as the sustainability of the environment. Prince has played significant roles in many nonprofit organizations aiding the fight to end human trafficking and violence against women. She believes for humans to have a peaceful interaction they should respect each other’s rights. She has created several campaigns to restore human understanding.

Sharon Prince is the executive head of the Grace Farm Foundation that she founded to improve the lives of people living in America. Sharon aims to do this through justice, arts, faith and allowing people to engage with nature. The Foundation has received many awards due to its dedication in creating an environment that is full of peace and free from negative thoughts.

Through her work at Grace Farms Foundation, Sharon Prince has managed to minimize exploitation of children, violence against women as well as human trafficking. The Foundation works with people from both the local and international levels. She has gained enough experience in eliminating social problems. She has created models through which any abuse on women or children is reported to her.

Sharon Prince has widely traveled throughout the world to campaign for justice to all people. She plays a role in the Board of Next Generation based in Nepal. This nonprofit organization aims to reunite victims of child exploitation with their families. In 2017 Sharon Prince received “Auburn Seminary’s Lives of Commitment Award” and the “NOMI Network’s Abolitionists Award” which were in honor of her efforts.

Through Sharon Prince’s unique attributes, it is evident that we can all promote a better coexistence. By achieving this, there will be fewer conflicts, and we will be able to carry out our daily activities smoothly. Sharon Prince believes that putting a smile on someone’s face does not cost anything. She calls for everyone to rise and fight against all social injustices accordingly. Using some effective community programs in her Foundation, she believes people will discover their purpose in life and get better solutions to solve their problems.


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Steve Lesnard on Using a New Product’s Storyline to Introduce It to the Market Successfully

The art of global brand marketing in the new digital age is no longer as straightforward as traditional marketing used to be. With the adoption of digital and social media platforms, Steve Lesnard can attest to significant changes in strategies used to introduce new products to the market. However, these strategies can prove counterproductive when not used properly. At the heart of product introduction are two key principles in getting the whole process right by articulating the clear benefits and value addition to consumers’ lives.

The first step is keeping it simple by getting the storyline right to make the product memorable. This process may sound easy but outlining what is fresh and superior while highlighting clear benefits to consumers who are not conversant with the given product is not that simplistic. To deliver on this aspect, marketing teams should pay attention to the most relevant and innovative aspects of the product they want to communicate.

To Steve Lesnard, Apple offers one of the best examples in this regard using its advertising slogan promising to put more than ten thousand song in a user’s pocket. The company cut to the chase by focusing on the exact value to the consumer, setting apart the iPod as the go-to product when other companies concentrated on highlighting complicated technical advancements, not of interest to potential clients. By showing those seeking to enjoy their music on the go how to do so in a convenient manner, the iPod proved to be the exact product such consumers were looking for.

The other principle revolves around making the product real by bringing it to life. Here, the focus is on consumer experience — the best way to do this tying the product’s storyline to the right context using different media. Here, the use of videos is a great idea since not only do they allow you to highlight the product’s best features using today’s vibrant and dynamic marketing tools, but they also leave a lasting effect on potential customers’ minds. Brands can make this better by highlighting consumer testimonies.

Steve Lesnard urges you to take a look at Yeti in this case. Yeti joined an already established market but still broke through the industry by connecting the use of its coolers to the outdoor lifestyles of its products ambassadors. These ambassadors were keen on either keeping their drinks cooler or warmer for longer. As such, the company struck a chord with other consumers who were looking to solve the same problem.

For any new product marketing campaign, using creative ideas to bring the product to life while highlighting the clear benefit to the consumer, and directly linking it to an ambassador’s way of life, will almost always guarantee you success.

Gaining Oil And Gas Knowledge From Matthew Fleeger

Gulf Coast Western is a family-owned business based in the United States and focuses on the oil and gas industry. It combines its resources and talents to explore and acquire oil reserves in the gulf coast region. Matthew Fleeger, CEO and President of the institution says they aim at giving their shareholders the best evaluating the minimal risks in place. Open and transparent relationships are the main pillar of the company’s success over the years. It has locations in Dallas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Colorado, and Mississippi.

Partnerships with the Orbit Gulf Coast Exploration and Orbit Energy Partners recently expanded their operations. Gulf Coast Western is now able to access hundreds of acres where they produce wells that produce up to 30 million barrels. An agreement by Warhorse Oil and Gas emerged because of the two partnerships. Gulf Coast got the mandate to acquire the development wells in Louisiana which produce over 800 oil barrels every day. More than half of the partners of Gulf Coast Western do joint ventures occasionally.

Matthew Fleeger is also an expert in the waste management and tanning industries. He is known for the establishment of two business enterprises in the tannin sector that had a revenue of 100 million dollars. Matthew Fleeger is also a team builder and a strategic planner. He uses these techniques in performing his duties at the Gulf Coast Western company. Having a bachelor’s degree in business administration shows that he has knowledge about finance and marketing processes.

With the use of PUD, the organization plans to design two workover wells hence increasing production potential. Another transaction with the Northcote Energy enabled the entity to acquire half of their working assets and interest thus expanding their operations to Shoats Creek. This partnership consists of a program to develop wells in Frio, Cockfield, and Wilcox. Due to its integrity, the company has a triple-A rating from the Better Business Bureau.