Ara Chackerian Highlights Top Lifestyle Changes That Would Enhance Sustainability

Ara Chackerian argues that promoting sustainability is an effective way to enhance our quality of life, and that of our environment. Moreover, sustainability combats climate change, and it protects our natural resources from depletion.

Despite the benefits, most people find it hard to lead a sustainable life. Are you one of them? If you are, Ara Chackerian, an avid entrepreneur and investor has highlighted some lifestyle changes that would help you lead a sustainable lifestyle.

Limit the use of fossil fuels

Fossil fuels like oil and natural gas are the major causes of environmental pollution and degradation. So, if you are looking to conserve the environment, Ara recommends that you limit or eliminate their use. For instance, you can consider cycling instead of driving, investing in fuel-efficient vehicles, or replacing the use of fossil fuel by renewable energy.

Use reusable packs when shopping

When shopping, use reusable tote bags to carry your shopping. Re-usable packs eliminate the environmental pollution resulting from the disposable packs that pollute the environment. Besides, you should consider recycling glass, cardboard, and plastics instead of dumping them.

Eat a plant-based diet

According to Ara Chackerian, eating a plant-based diet would minimize your carbon footprint. How? Processing companies use a lot of water and energy to process meat-based diets. Furthermore, meat processing releases large amounts of waste into the environment. On that account, limiting meat intake would be a sure way to conserve the energy and water used during the meat manufacturing process.

Eliminate water wastage

Conserving water reduces the energy used up to process and distribute clean water. But, how can we minimize wastage? You can reduce water wastage by fixing leaky pipes, or by using efficient water fittings in your home or your business premises. Moreover, you can minimize wastage by limiting the use of showers. Find out more about Ara Chackerian:


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