JD.com Looks To Provide Unmanned Deliveries in Japan

JD.com and another company known as Rakuten Inc. have recently completed an agreement to improve its delivery process. The two companies will use drones to complete deliveries to consumers in Japan. Under the terms of the agreement, JD.com will use both of its drones and Rakuten’s drone delivery service operations in Japan to more efficiently complete these types of deliveries. Rakuten will use its shopping apps in Japan to help with the drone delivery process. Both of the two companies will work together to use the unmanned delivery services along with a series of applications.

In 2016, Rakuten launched its drone delivery service which has given the company experience in providing delivery services. The company has used its drone delivery services to assist both corporations and local governments. Two years later in 2018, Rakuten completed the world’s first delivery trial using both drones and robots to complete deliveries. This has greatly improved the logistics of commerce in Japan. Members of Rakuten’s management have expressed their satisfaction with collaborating with JD.com to make unmanned deliveries. This will provide a lot of convenience for all consumers in both China and Japan according to what the executives of both companies have said.

JD.com have developed its drone program one year before Rakuten in 2015. It launched the world’s first every commercial drone deliveries in rural China a year later in 2016. As of today, JD.com and Jingdong operate drones in the provinces of Jiangsu and Shaanxi. Since 2015, the drones of JD.com and Jingdong have logged more than 400,000 minutes of flight time in China. This past January, JD.com announced that it succeeded in completing an approved drone test flight in Indonesia. This will likely set the tone for more commercial drone deliveries in Indonesia and Southeast Asia. Along with drones in rural areas, JD.com and Jingdong are using delivery robots in urban areas.

In the recent company’s blog “JD Delivery Stations Get Smart Ahead Of CES Debut”, JD has talked about the launch of two smart delivery stations in the cities of Changsha and Hohhot, strengthening the e-commerce giant’s autonomous logistics capabilities.

The development of these drones and delivery robots will have a significant impact on commerce in the near future. These technological resources will prove to provide more convenient delivery options for consumers. They will also allow JD and Rakuten to more efficiently carry out deliveries at any time during the year. With the development of drones and robots, both companies will be in position to remain more competitive in the retail sector. Click Here to learn more.


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