Steve Ritchie – Enhancing The Brand Reputation Of Papa John’s


Managing and taking the brand such as Papa John’s to new heights of success is no easy feat, but Steve Ritchie has managed to do it with his business acumen and vision. He started at Papa John’s as a customer service representative and slowly began to rank up over the years, handling various roles, before being promoted to his current post of Chief Executive Officer. Serving at Papa John’s International for over twenty-two years, Steve Ritchie has not only understood the pizza business like the back of his hand, but he has also been able to take the industry further by expanding aggressively and integrating new technological advances to the company’s business and operational machinery.

Steve Ritchie PapaJohn’s is from Louisville, Kentucky, and he even owned a Pizzeria there and worked with determination to make it a success. It shows his passion for the pizza business well before he started at Papa John’s. Papa John’s is the third largest pizza franchise in the world with over five thousand stores worldwide, and counting. Steve Ritchie is also responsible for the global development and brand reputation of Papa John’s. To enhance the brand’s performance as well as reputation, he continues to integrate various technologies with the company’s operational machinery. Recently, Steve Ritchie also sent an open letter to his entire staff to join the training for racial bias.

Steve Ritchie PapaJohn’s understands that for a company to be more open to different cultures, it is vital that their staffs are well-aware of the company’s motto of equity, diversity, and fairness. Inculcating these qualities in the company’s staff across the board is what training is meant for, and Steve Ritchie firmly believes it would help in improving Papa John’s brand reputation.

It would also prevent any unfair practice that can patch the clean record Papa John’s has been maintaining for years when it comes to its approach towards different cultures and social environments without discrimination and bias. Steve Ritchie continues to improve the customer service standards at Papa John’s that help not only the company’s sale and revenue generation but also its market reputation. Find Related Information Here.


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