Sharon Prince: Nature’s Sustainability For The Ecosystem And Environment


Sharon Prince is an entrepreneur and activist, who has been in the industry of human rights, social rights, social justice and environmental peace over the past decade. Sharon Prince has demonstrated her leadership abilities in many ways. She also received the Auburn Seminary’s “Lives of Commitment Award”. And the NOMI Network’s “Abolitionist Award”.

Social rights are basic rights. As a result of her long career, Sharon Prince acquired the skills needed to manifest Sharon Prince Grace Farms. With many acres of land, the farm is able to provided needed resources to many people in need.

Water is a vital resource often taken for granted in many situations. Clean drinking water is not readily available in most places. Even in a populated city like New York City, people rely on bottled water. There is no fresh-water source for drinking within 70 miles of New York City. Most people are not aware of these statistics because they have the convivence of bottled water in all supermarkets. Refer to This Article for more information.

Clean drinking water is not naturally available in the vast majority of cities around the globe. Investing in a clean and organized farm like the one initiated by Sharon Prince gives a sense of pride. Participates feel prideful that they contributed to such a beautiful source of untouched nature. Human development has caused devastating effects on the natural balance of the earth’s ecosystem.

An ecosystem is defined by a complete biological system of organisms that each function in a cohesive manner. Every ecosystem must be supplied basic needs for survival such as pure water, pure air, pure ground soil and limited exposure to toxicity. Synthetic pesticides and other toxic materials are not allowed in organic farming or for organic ecosystem functions.

Grace Farms is making efforts towards a sustainable ecosystem. Sustainability of the earth’s naturally-occurring resources is paramount for success. Organisms cannot run unless their basic needs of pure resources are consistently met.


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