Doe Deere Is Making Women Shine Through Vibrant Colors

You may recognize Doe Deere as the creator of Lime Crime Cosmetics, or as her fan base calls it the makeup for “unicorns.” Deere started the cosmetic line in 2008, during which she and her husband were in a rock band. At the time she was designing clothes and selling them on eBay. Deere’s clothing focused on rebellious punk and she modeled her own clothes, complete with makeup. Soon she became known for her makeup looks that used bright vibrant colors. Deere was having a hard time finding the colors she liked and thought that maybe her fan base would be interested in trying out more colors also. She soon turned her attention on creating fun and colorful makeup, staying true to her style. Deere, afraid of the rejection, quickly found young girls and women loved the shades she was creating. Deere and her husband have since sold Lime Crime Cosmetics, though she still receives mail from customers telling her how much she has positively impacted their lives just by showing them to just be themselves. Deere is showing young girls and women to embrace what they love to wear and not apologize for any of it.

Her next chapter as an entrepreneur is being the founder of Poppy Angeloff, jewelry inspired by family heirlooms that she fell in love with. Deere spent some time learning the ins and outs of not only designing jewelry but also the history of jewelry itself. Jewelry from the Victorian error caught her attention the most and the inspired to Poppy Angeloff. Her and her husband are still involved with Lime Crime Cosmetics but they have turned their focus to building and expanding Poppy Angeloff.

What makes Deere so successful with all her paths as an entrepreneur is the steps she takes. She believes that her passion in what she loves is her number one driver. She also realized that she needs to become the customer and know what that experience is like for future customers. Lastly, Deere understands that risks need to be taken or you may never know if it will succeed.

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