A Look at Jana Messerschmidt, Co-Founder of #Angels and Partner at Lightspeed Venture Partners

Jana Messerschmidt is a well-known and established businesswoman in the angel investment arena. She is currently an investment partner at Lightspeed Venture Partners, an angel investment company based in the US. Jana Lightspeed venture took place in December 2018, after attending several conferences organized by the company. Through the seminars, Jana got convinced the Lightspeed is the best company to advance her career after her successful stint at Twitter.

The entry of Jana Messerschmidt into Lightspeed Venture Partners brings many years of professional experience into the company’s human recourses repertoire. Before Jana Lightspeed debut, Messerschmidt worked for Twitter, where she served in several capacities. She worked as the Vice President, Global Business Development and Platform, partner engineering, enterprise sales, platform marketing, and platform operations.

Before joining Twitter, Jana Messerschmidt worked for the leading California-based media services provider, Netflix. Her role included the management of consumer electronics partnerships. During her earlier days in the technology field, Jana served at AT&T and DivX as a management executive. She attended the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, where she graduated with a degree in Computer Engineering.

Jana Messerschmidt is a prolific investor. The engineer turned businesswoman is also a co-founder of #Angels, a vehicle she uses to investment is early-stage technology industries. Using her experience in the technology industry Jana has invested in more than 50 startups through #Angels. Her favorite areas of investment include hardware companies like Nebia and eero. She has also invested in fashion, retail,consumer and music companies like Buoyant and Mutiny.

According to Jana Messerschmidt, joining Lightspeed Venture Partners was the best decision she has ever made in her professional life. The team at the company has perfectly complemented her interests, strengths, and weaknesses. She is hopeful that her entry into the company will bring forth an era of great success.

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