Upwork  Creating To-Do List can Help you Get Pass Your Tasks Easily

There are many freelancers who achieve tremendous success while there are many others who are not able to achieve any success. The difference in the quality of work they provide and how organized they are. One of the key ingredients of becoming successful as a freelancer is that they should keep a to-do list with them and update it frequently. Having a to-do list would ensure that they are managing time properly and not keeping any work pending. There is a need for people to be more professional when they are working as a freelancer.

Upwork is one of the only platforms online with nearly twenty million active users, which includes over five million clients and twelve million freelancers. Upwork said in one of its blogs that freelancers who are maintaining a to-do list would be able to complete their work on time, can manage time more efficiently, and are able to get more clients. Always make sure to write down things to do a day before at night, so that you are able to make the most of your time the next day. Freelancers should also make use of the advanced technology and have applications of to-do list on their phone. It would keep their tasks synchronized and can be accessed remotely as well. But, one has to ensure that they create just one to-do list and not make multiple to-do lists as it can leave you confused as to which one you have been following.

A well-made to-do list can help freelancers from forgetting tasks that are essential. They can also prioritize their work depending on when they are due. Also, it is crucial for freelancers not to waste time on tasks that can be done by other freelancers. It will allow them to concentrate on work that is high paying.

Malcolm Caselle’s WAX platform bound to change the online gaming industry

Figures in the public domain reveal that there are more than 400 million people who actively participate in online games across the world. The gaming industry has attracted a lot of attention over the last few years, and it is set to grow further with the emergence of virtual reality gaming. Currently, the gaming industry is worth more than $50 billion. But even with the growth of the industry, consumers still face multiple challenges when selling or buying digital in-game assets.

Most of the gaming enthusiasts are spread across the world and use different currencies. It, therefore, becomes challenging for an individual to purchase or sell the much-needed digital gaming assets such as weapons. In cases where there is an exchange platform, gamers are slapped with huge payment processing fees, high currency conversion rates, and credit card chargeback.

This is a common issue especially when transactions involve small amounts of money. Unfortunately, most of the transactions make up the bulk of the items exchanged through these platforms. And since virtual gaming involves the use of digital currency, there is a high likelihood of cyber attacks and fraud.

Developing a solution

On seeing the challenges faced by online gamers, Malcolm CaSselle, an established digital entrepreneur established Worldwide Asset Exchange (WAX). WAX is a token and a platform that allows individuals to create a secure marketplace for digital assets. The WAX platform was designed to expand the $50 billion market for purchasing and selling digital gaming assets.

WAX can also be used for a wide range of transactions besides digital assets for games. The users are required to tokenize their assets, which are then available to others users in the platform. The team that developed OPSKins is the same team behind the brilliant idea of WAX. The platform eliminates most of the challenges faced by online users by using blockchain technology.

About Malcolm CaSselle

Malcolm CaSselle is a successful digital entrepreneur who graduated with a BSC degree in computer science from MIT and a master’s degree from Stanford University. He speaks both Mandarin and Japanese. After completing school, Malcolm CaSselle has worked in various organizations including SeaChange International, Tribune publishing and OPSKins. He is also renowned investors who invested in various early startups that include Facebook and Zynga.

Robert Deignan Is A Technology Expert And Businessman

There is no single method for success when it comes to business and there are businesspeople on all sides of the spectrum. Some may be more successful than others, but they all take the same journey. There are also some individuals who take the road alone, while others seek aid and professional expertise to get them going or even stay afloat. Robert Deignan is a successful businessman and entrepreneur that is focused on the technology industry with his Anti-Malware company, ATS Digital Services.

There is all sorts of information out there on how to run a successful business, most of which are opinions. That being said, there are certainly bad habits that people can follow which will limit or even ruin their chances for success.

Robert Deignan studied at Purdue University to earn a degree in organizational leadership in 1995, which he was able to earn through a football scholarship from St. Thomas Aquinas High School. Following his graduation, Robert entered the sports industry and began working for the Miami Dolphins and after a couple of years, the NY Jets.

After a year or so working with the NY Jets, Robert got to talking with a colleague of his who was an entrepreneur to do a project together. By 1998, Robert and his partner founded the company known as Fanlink Incorporated. While Fanlink was only up and running for a period of two years, it was a valuable learning experience for Robert Diegnan and furthered his passion for technology.

Within just a year, Robert was working for iS3 as a vice president, where he spent the next decade or so building his experience and reputation as an executive in the technology industry. By 2011, Robert Deignan decided he was ready to start up a digital services company of his own that was more focused on the consumer and providing quality service that people can trust. Today, ATS Digital Services provides their clients with a myriad of different services to help them with their technological issues, even simple troubleshooting.