Charlamagne Tha God, A Mental Health Ambassador


This year has been an eventful and a busy year for one of the most talented media personality, Charlamagne Tha God. Apart from working for his own brand, CThaGod World LLC, Charlamagne has continued to push limits of production and more importantly work for Brilliant Idiots(a podcast he co-host).

He has also been a common figure in starting social conversations and fortunately, this year was no different. In his continued quest for social justice, equality, different approach to defining hip-hop, he has done of the best interviews this year. These accomplishments are not new to him, as he has authored one of the best social-political provocateur pieces in the recent past, Black Privilege.

One of Charlamagne Tha God most discussed moments is the interview he had scheduled with Kanye West. The interview according to this media personality was a chance for him and Mr. Kanye West to have an objective discourse on mental illness. Kanye West for the past 24 months has been a news item around the world for his support of Donald Trump. Go To This Page for additional information.

The interview according to many people was a chance for Kanye West to confront many issues surrounding mental health in the USA and more importantly, the way forward. However, the interview was canceled after Kanye trip to White House. According to Charlamagne Tha God, the interview could not be the same after the Kanye West visit to White House.

Although Kanye West has constantly caused buzz especially to the black community, Charlamagne Tha God interview with him indicates the level of objectivity the media personality has. A quick scan through his twitter account, there are two constant themes, entertainment and his passion for mental health. Charlamagne Tha God has been a conversation starter for long on mental health. He has used his platforms to push for more awareness about this topic. In his new book, “Shook One”, Charlamagne discourses anxiety is a well-crafted approach.


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