Richard Liu Qiangdong Davos Interview: Looking To Expand Globally, But America is A Hard Market To Enter


Richard Liu Qiangdong is the CEO, founder, and creator of an online retail store with not millions, but billions of products available for purchase online. 57% of all items ordered get delivered within 6 hours in China, and 97% within 20 hours. is one of the top ten market cap companies in the world behind Amazon, Baidu, Alphabet, and a few others, but has a market cap of over 30 billion dollars currently with their stock trading at $22. Life was not always this good for Richard Liu, as he noted in his Davos, Switzerland interview. “My family worked in rural China by the canal, and my grandmother was sick, so I needed money to buy her medicine. I went to college in Beijing and tried to open up a restaurant. It failed miserably … belly-up. Go Here for additional information.

But I learned a valuable lesson about business, which is that you must devote a lot of your time into something in order for it to succeed.” Now Richard Liu has a personal net worth of around ten billion dollars, after his online electronics store started taking off well and Richard Liu was able to add new product categories year after year consecutively. “Our main competitor right now would be Walmart … Our focus right now is on price and efficiency. Our prices are similar to Costco in the U.S., and we care constantly working on efficiency in order to provide better quality service to our customers.”

With billions of goods for sale compared to Walmart’s mere millions, Liu and his team are actively seeking to expand into different parts of the world like Southeast Asia, and eventually Europe and America. “America is a very hard market to break into, and I hope that it becomes easier so that we can all sell together.”


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Charlamagne Tha God, A Mental Health Ambassador


This year has been an eventful and a busy year for one of the most talented media personality, Charlamagne Tha God. Apart from working for his own brand, CThaGod World LLC, Charlamagne has continued to push limits of production and more importantly work for Brilliant Idiots(a podcast he co-host).

He has also been a common figure in starting social conversations and fortunately, this year was no different. In his continued quest for social justice, equality, different approach to defining hip-hop, he has done of the best interviews this year. These accomplishments are not new to him, as he has authored one of the best social-political provocateur pieces in the recent past, Black Privilege.

One of Charlamagne Tha God most discussed moments is the interview he had scheduled with Kanye West. The interview according to this media personality was a chance for him and Mr. Kanye West to have an objective discourse on mental illness. Kanye West for the past 24 months has been a news item around the world for his support of Donald Trump. Go To This Page for additional information.

The interview according to many people was a chance for Kanye West to confront many issues surrounding mental health in the USA and more importantly, the way forward. However, the interview was canceled after Kanye trip to White House. According to Charlamagne Tha God, the interview could not be the same after the Kanye West visit to White House.

Although Kanye West has constantly caused buzz especially to the black community, Charlamagne Tha God interview with him indicates the level of objectivity the media personality has. A quick scan through his twitter account, there are two constant themes, entertainment and his passion for mental health. Charlamagne Tha God has been a conversation starter for long on mental health. He has used his platforms to push for more awareness about this topic. In his new book, “Shook One”, Charlamagne discourses anxiety is a well-crafted approach.


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Years of success for Alex Pall and Chainsmokers

For more than one year now Chainsmokers is a music group that has been making headlines in the entertainment world. The electronic group consists of Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart. Alex is a creator who has unmatched skills while Andrew Taggart is a DJ and music producer who is highly talented. They have worked hard to revolutionize the music scene, and it has been a happy career for them. Since they came up with #selfie in 2014, they have maintained their consistency, and they have been phenomenal in their music. They have been singing beautiful songs, and their fans love what they have been getting from the duo.

Many people have different stories to tell when it comes to their success. Alex Pall has an exciting story too when talking about his journey with this great band. Alex and Andrew met because they both loved music. The duo has different talents in their music career, but they are happy to use their diversity and achieve competitive advantage in the music world. Alex Pall says they started their band; it has been a learning journey for them. They are always willing to learn new trends in the music scene, and that is why they have excelled in their career.

According to Alex, they are renowned for dance music because they are good at this but they always try to be experimental, and this makes them outstanding. They have loved diversification, and that is why they have been creating tracks that are enjoyable to the fans. Some of the songs like Waterbed and Roses do not have a genre. But they are songs that have attracted a massive following, and they have contributed a lot in influencing the music scene.

Their creativity is outstanding and unique in different ways. According to Alex Pall, the group focusses on singing their records because they want to ensure their projects are personalized. They are different from some artists like Avicii who never sang a record of their own. For years now, they have been singing their songs, and this has made them outstanding in their music career. That is why the group has been singing music that has a personal touch, and it is relatable too.