Roseann Bennett Explores Canine Assisted Therapy

Roseann Bennett is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist from New Jersey with years of in-field experience. She recognized that ongoing outpatient treatment was needed for the poor and disenfranchised after years of in-home therapy. She wanted to provide counseling services through the Center For Assessment and Treatment. She and her husband created the Center with their own money. As the Executive Director, she creates curriculum for her programs.


Roseann Bennett believes in different kinds of therapeutic activities like Canine Assisted Therapy. Dogs have been used to help humans find cadavers and aid those with various physical ailments. Scientists have been exploring the symbiotic relationship between dogs and humans for 35 years. Many studies seem to suggest that dogs are in tune with human’s desires, emotional changes, and needs.


Roseann Bennett has welcomed a dog named Jack into her center to study Canine Assisted Therapy. She hopes to obtain good results from proven canine assisted therapy methods along with traditional therapeutic measures. She became interested in Canine Assisted Therapy after she saw her children develop alongside dogs. She noticed that they could help children with Autism and social problems.


In January 2018, Jack joined their family at the age of 15 weeks. He was encouraged to play with Roseann’s children and they quickly formed a bond. Jack had an obedience training course for two weeks before receiving a certificate of completion. Roseann and her husband are proud to teach Jack, and they are looking forward to the results of Canine Assisted Therapy. See Related Link to learn more.


The Center helps thousands of people improve their mental health, which Roseann and her husband hopes that the results of Canine Assisted Therapy will lead to even more people being helped.


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