The Future of Learning & Rocketship Education

Having the ability to learn is one of the best attributes in life. Things seem to come a bit easier when you can understand how to differentiate between certain situations. Unfortunately, everyone doesn’t learn at the same pace or are able to learn at the same level. This can lead to depression and frustration, but can you imagine how younger individuals may feel about themselves? The solution to this issue is to work with the individuals while they’re young. This fantastic solution is much easier said than done. A person’s life can be full of distractions that may not have anything to do with school. On the other hand, the person simply may not be able to keep up with his/her peers, especially when it comes to learning capacity.

Rocketship Public Schools is one of the better routes to take when it comes to learning. This school system comes from the charter-school concept, and it’s designed to help children who are from low-to-medium income families. The ideas is simply brilliant and the concept simply works. Rocketship Public Schools use technology as their base. The learning programs are in-depth, are thorough, are fun and are intuitive. Founded by John Danner and Preston Smith in 2006, RPS’s have dramatically raised test scores in the shortest amount of time, especially when being compared to the test scores of standard schools. These programs come in a software format, and they are designed to be used for at least 90 minutes per week. Yes, this is absolutely correct. The programs truly work with the students by teaching at the student’s actual learning pace.

Though there has been some skepticism, the numbers simply don’t lie. The students are much happier thanks to gaining more confidence in themselves. Every child has the right to go to college and Rocketship Public Schools are now giving them the opportunity.

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