Luiz Carlos Trabuco Has Taken Banco Bradesco To New Heights

     Luiz Carlos Trabuco became the new president of Banco Bradesco, the leading bank in Brazil, several months ago. This happened when Lazaro Brandao, the former president of the bank, decided to retire due to personal issues in his life. Lazaro Brandao’s last wish was for Luiz Carlos Trabuco to become president of Banco Bradesco. Up to the point when Brandao decided to retire, Luiz worked for the bank for almost 20 years, and he became extremely close with Lazaro.

Now that Luiz Carlos Trabuco Bradesco is in charge, he has many plans in store for the bank. His first plan is to choose a vice president. Luiz has made it known publicly that he is going to choose a current employee of Bradesco to be the vice president. He is doing this because Lazaro Brandao always chose an employee from the company to advance whenever a special position opened. In fact, that is exactly how Luiz rose to become president of the bank. Luiz is currently both the president and vice president, but he is expecting to announce a vice president at the annual shareholder’s conference this summer.

Another great thing Luiz Carlos Trabuco did for Banco Bradesco was bring them into the modern age of technology. Under the leadership of Lazaro Brandao, there was no such thing as online banking or having any kind of special kiosks inside branches of the bank. However, all Banco Bradesco members now have access to online banking.

Luiz is also making it easier for residents of Brazil to get personal loans. Luiz developed a way for his team to take a person’s monthly income and specific situation into account instead of only going by a person’s credit score. This has helped people go back to school, open businesses, and so much more.

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