Luiz Carlos Trabuco Has Taken Banco Bradesco To New Heights

     Luiz Carlos Trabuco became the new president of Banco Bradesco, the leading bank in Brazil, several months ago. This happened when Lazaro Brandao, the former president of the bank, decided to retire due to personal issues in his life. Lazaro Brandao’s last wish was for Luiz Carlos Trabuco to become president of Banco Bradesco. Up to the point when Brandao decided to retire, Luiz worked for the bank for almost 20 years, and he became extremely close with Lazaro.

Now that Luiz Carlos Trabuco Bradesco is in charge, he has many plans in store for the bank. His first plan is to choose a vice president. Luiz has made it known publicly that he is going to choose a current employee of Bradesco to be the vice president. He is doing this because Lazaro Brandao always chose an employee from the company to advance whenever a special position opened. In fact, that is exactly how Luiz rose to become president of the bank. Luiz is currently both the president and vice president, but he is expecting to announce a vice president at the annual shareholder’s conference this summer.

Another great thing Luiz Carlos Trabuco did for Banco Bradesco was bring them into the modern age of technology. Under the leadership of Lazaro Brandao, there was no such thing as online banking or having any kind of special kiosks inside branches of the bank. However, all Banco Bradesco members now have access to online banking.

Luiz is also making it easier for residents of Brazil to get personal loans. Luiz developed a way for his team to take a person’s monthly income and specific situation into account instead of only going by a person’s credit score. This has helped people go back to school, open businesses, and so much more.

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The Future of Learning & Rocketship Education

Having the ability to learn is one of the best attributes in life. Things seem to come a bit easier when you can understand how to differentiate between certain situations. Unfortunately, everyone doesn’t learn at the same pace or are able to learn at the same level. This can lead to depression and frustration, but can you imagine how younger individuals may feel about themselves? The solution to this issue is to work with the individuals while they’re young. This fantastic solution is much easier said than done. A person’s life can be full of distractions that may not have anything to do with school. On the other hand, the person simply may not be able to keep up with his/her peers, especially when it comes to learning capacity.

Rocketship Public Schools is one of the better routes to take when it comes to learning. This school system comes from the charter-school concept, and it’s designed to help children who are from low-to-medium income families. The ideas is simply brilliant and the concept simply works. Rocketship Public Schools use technology as their base. The learning programs are in-depth, are thorough, are fun and are intuitive. Founded by John Danner and Preston Smith in 2006, RPS’s have dramatically raised test scores in the shortest amount of time, especially when being compared to the test scores of standard schools. These programs come in a software format, and they are designed to be used for at least 90 minutes per week. Yes, this is absolutely correct. The programs truly work with the students by teaching at the student’s actual learning pace.

Though there has been some skepticism, the numbers simply don’t lie. The students are much happier thanks to gaining more confidence in themselves. Every child has the right to go to college and Rocketship Public Schools are now giving them the opportunity.

Chainsmokers, the Fantastic Duo

The chainsmokers is an American DJ and production duo comprising of Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart. They are based in New York city. They specialize in EDM and pop music

They have been active since the year 2012. They are well known for their top hit songs like #selfie, closer, don’t let me down” among others. They have received awards such as The American Music Awards and iHeartRadio Music Awards.


The year 2018 has been a success to the duo. They were named the #1 dance artist on billboards dance 100. They became the first DJ duo artist to be recognized. Their most recent song whose video is yet to be released has already been received overwhelmingly by their fans. This demonstrates the trust and confidence that the fans have in this duo. In a span of few days,the song has an amazing number of views.

The iHeartRadio Award were another landmark achievement for the chainsmokers in 2018. They were awards the collaboration, dance artist of the year and dance album of the year award. They have also had the opportunity to put up an electrifying show at a ultra-music festival in Miami. This was like a dream come true. They delivered a super- energetic show which left fans yearning for more. The crowd was amazing and sang along them. It was such a moment for the chainsmokers! Days after this performance, another of their songs hit more than a billion views on Spotify. This was such a milestone achievement for the chainsmokers.


The duo is surely a dedicated and success- driven artists who work hard to expand the boundaries of DJs generally do. Their hype on stage, insightful use of social media combined with their talent guarantees them expansion of boundaries. They are surely hardworking and always ready for the party.

Dick DeVos Article Recap

For many years, DeVos has worked alongside the aviation industry. His work has taken him into the Gerald R. Ford International Airport, where he has helped the CEO bring in new terminals and expand offerings, allowing the airport to go through a new $45 million renovation deal. It’s these actions that put him in prime spot to be on the FAA’s new Management Advisory Council. With 13 members, it is one of the larger civilian-led groups that will advise a government agency. The FAA has been looking to resolve some of the issues that have plagued the aviation industry for many years, including a lack of new technology and employment problems.


DeVos has seen the ups and downs of the airline industry himself. He has worked with the CEO of the Gerald R. Ford International Airport for many years. While the airport has been around since the early 1900s, it re-launched in 1999 and received support from DeVos to add on new lines. DeVos spoke with the CEO of Air Tran Airways at the time to add on new flights. The airport was struggling to bring in new traffic as it did not have some of the same stops and flights for international business travelers as nearby airports.


Air Tran Airways agreed to open new terminals that would take travelers to areas like Orlando, Denver, St. Louis, and Vegas. The new terminals were a great success and provided much needed growth to the airport. However, there were more issues when Southwest took over Air Tran Airways in the late 2010s. At this time, the airport needed more help in maintaining the terminals that were getting closed down in other parts of the US due to the takeover. DeVos talked to the CEO about keeping the terminals and even showed him what the expansion had done for the airline and the airport.


The CEO of Southwest agreed and decided to keep open all of the new terminals that the airline had opened previously. Soon after, DeVos worked with the airlines to put together a great deal that would lead to a $45 million renovation that would re-build the various areas of the airport that needed to be updated. The renovations will be finished by the end of 2018.


In addition to the business side of the airport, DeVos has also been a co-founder of the aviation academy on the Gerald R. Ford Airport grounds. The academy trains pilots and allows students to go on to work in the aviation industry. This gives DeVos some interesting insights into how airlines can get new employees who are trained pilots and can operate the various aircraft necessary for today’s air travelers.


The council meets once every three months. DeVos has been on the council since September 2017 and has already helped the FAA with a number of different projects.


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Anil Chaturvedi Helping European Businesses Expand their Services to India

Anil Chaturvedi is an experienced banker with expertise in corporate financial advisory and mergers and acquisitions. Over the last forty years that Anil Chaturvedi has spent as a banker, he has handled many large-scale transactions for his clients in different industries, starting from reviving distressed investments and assets to IPO, and much more. The expertise of Anil Chaturvedi is what led him to become one of the members of the Circle of Champions at Merrill Lynch, where he served as the Managing Director of International Operations. Anil Chaturvedi feels that it is necessary for the companies to modernize themselves with time, and he helps the companies achieve it through the banking and financial expertise he lends.

Anil Chaturvedi has studied Masters in Business Administration from the highly reputed FMS College in Delhi and has also done Economic Honors from the Delhi University. Soon after completing his studies in Delhi, he moved to the United States, where joined the State Bank of India as their manager for marketing and business development. Anil Chaturvedi is currently serving as the Managing Director of the reputed private bank based in Switzerland, named Hinduja Bank. At Hinduja Bank, he aims to promote the Indian economy by letting the US, Asian and European business know that the trade laws in India have reformed and eased. It is helpful for bringing the foreign direct investments in India, which would provide high returns to the foreign businesses and also ensure more employment generation for India.

Anil Chaturvedi wants that more and more foreign businesses become part of the Indian economy as its growth trajectory moves upwards. The new government in India has taken some very instrumental steps to reform the Indian economy, and Anil Chaturvedi supports it. Since the law in India has been revamped since the new government was elected, it has become easier for foreign investors. The rules have been eased, and there are fewer restrictions on the number of foreign investments that can be made. Since India is a large country, it has a lot of potentials and it can definitely be a great step for European countries to expand their business.