Obsidian Energy: A Canadian Energy Supplier

Penn West Petroleum recently changed their business name into Obsidian Energy. They are dedicating themselves to provide the energy requirement of Canada and the medium-sized petroleum company stated that they will be exporting other reserves to the foreign market. Obsidian Energy came to be after the board of directors who are serving the Penn West Petroleum decided that the only way to save the company going downhill is to undergo a restructuring and rebranding process. All of the officials working for the company were either replaced or assigned to a new department, and after the change in name, Obsidian Energy promised to become more aggressive in serving the market.



Obsidian Energy was once named as one of the top companies in Canada, and they regularly receive a distinction saying that their stock market performance is superb. Because of the nature of their industry, Obsidian Energy posted an average annual revenue of about $9 billion, and they felt like their performance will last forever. The management working at Obsidian Energy felt like their growth would last for decades, provided that the price of oil and petroleum will keep its standard. However, everything changed in 2014, and Obsidian Energy never imagined that what they’ve built for a long time would crash instantly. As Russia and Iran manufactured more oil creating a huge surplus, the prices of oil and petroleum started to dwindle. Huge petroleum companies started to feel the effect, and their products soon became cheaper. For companies like Penn West petroleum, the effect of the price drop is devastating. They would have to lay off thousands so that they can cut their expenses. From having thousands of employees, only a hundred remained.



Obsidian is rooting to restore their previous status s a profitable company. They left a huge number of oil and petroleum wells in Northern Canada, and they are using these remaining oil and petroleum wells to get the remaining resources which they could sell someday. Recently, Obsidian Energy managed to extract more than 31,000 barrels of oil per day. They would love to sell it to the market to retrieve their previous revenues. Visit This Page for additional information.



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Bob Reina Introduces a New World of Technology

Technology is advancing at a very high rate in this modern world. With the introduction of computers, laptops, mobile phones and televisions, it becomes easy for people to communicate and get information. Bob who is the founder of Talk Fusion launched a more improved computer program for live meetings. This program has updated features as well as interface which uses WebRTC system and facilitates classy live communications. He announced this latest introduction during an online broadcasting.


The Product’s Features


Having live meetings is very important since people are able to transmit videos one-way and even hold conferences that are video-based. This is the best way to have a convenient and one-piece meeting and presentations. This new design can support 500 participants and 15 hosts and the conference guests will be able to connect using PC, tablet or smartphone. This version has numerous benefits starting from its interface which makes it easier for beginners. The video and audio for this product is very clear and sharp hence everyone sees and hears clearly.


It’s so annoying listening to a video that has background noises or echoes. Live Meetings has changed all that by ensuring that there are no distortions or echoes during the conference. It is also possible for the host to check the system before the presentations in a different room without being heard. This company is very innovative and ensures it provides clients with reliable and quality technology while trying to come up with the best technology before any other developers.


About Bob Reina


Reina is the Chief Executive Officer and the founder of Talk Fusion. He always has this sense of comicality and his self-discipline was the corner stone he needed to reach his goals. He went to South Florida University and graduated as the top student in his class. The company was founded in the year 2007 and has been helping people since then. They come up with new and better ideas for the future and helps many people realize their dreams. Learn more: http://blog.talkfusion.com/


Bob is committed to ensuring that this is achieved by leading the company towards success all the time. He believes in the power of giving back and is always sponsoring charities all over the globe. His company is changing the world today by coming up with reliable technology to help improve how business function and even improve their profit. He believes that for one to be successful, it is always important to be patient.


Obsidian energy remains upbeat in its outlook for the year

Obsidian Energy is a Canadian mid-sized oil and natural gas producer. The firm was, prior to June 2017, known as Penn West Petroleum. In his signature New Year video update to the firm’s shareholders, Obsidian Energy President and CEO, affirmed the firm’s commitment to maximising value to its shareholders and to stick to its stated values of discipline, relentlessness and accountability.

The year 2017, was indeed a transformational period for the firm as it not only went through a major rebrand, but also managed to shake off the challenges that had bedraggled it to record a drop in costs and relative growth in portfolio asset performance.


The main reasons touted for this according to Obsidian Energy CEO, is a well laid out strategy meant to position the firm on the platform of a stable growth in the dynamic oil and gas industry.This strategy focuses squarely on Obsidian Energy’s core positioning in these three major portfolios in the Cardium region, Peace River region and Alberta Viking region.


The core operational strategy in the Cardium region is centred on building the Cardium water flood platform. Water flooding, commonly known as water injection, is essentially a technique where water is injected into an oil field to apply pressure and hence increase oil production. This is one of Obsidian Energy’s core strategy meant to ramp up oil output.


The Aberta Viking region on the other hand has been set up for improving the infrastructural advantage; by increasing its oil and gas infrastructure ownership in the area. Find Related Information Here.


The Peace River region alternately offers the opportunity to boost heavy oil production by Obsidian Energy. The firm reports that this is done through an operated partnership with China Investment Cooperation. Here, cold flow technique, which is used to recover heavy oil, is relied upon to continue boosting the oil production.


The firm’s CEO remains upbeat on Obsidian Energy’s prospects into the year ahead.


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Dr. David Samadi: One Very Dedicated Man of Health

For many years now David B. Samadi has worked very hard within his career. He happens to be a prostate surgeon that is very successful and compassionate when it comes to the treatment of prostate cancer. One of the parts of his job that he is extremely dedicated to is helping men of all ages who may have prostate problems.

Throughout his career, Samadi has proudly performed well over 7000 robotic prostate surgeries. These surgeries helped him to earn the title of being among the best prostate surgeons worldwide. Along with that title, he is also known for being New Yorks top prostate surgeons. Currently, he is the only surgeon known to have performed the SMART surgery technique, which involves using the da Vinci robotics system. The majority of his work that he does focuses on prostate cancer and helping find early diseases that may currently have no symptoms in its early stages.

Currently, Dr. David B Samadi holds a position as being the current chairman of urology. Along with this title, he is also proudly the Chief of Robotic Surgery for Lenox Hill Hospital that is located in New York, NY. Due to being a board-certified urologist he is able to specialize in prostate cancer, the treatment and diagnosis of urologic disease, bladder cancer and also kidney cancer. Samadi has proudly performed thousands of invasive treatments for prostate cancer. These treatments happen to include laparoscopic robotic radical prostatectomy and also laparoscopic radical prostatectomy.

Throughout his career, Dr. Samadi has also amazingly been able to perform surgeries in over 45 countries. Along with having traveled the world to perform surgeries Samadias also been able to practice at several prestigious institutions located in the United States. Even though he has dedicated his whole career to be able to detect, diagnosis and give treatments for prostate cancer, Samadi’s amazing expertise does not stop at that. From 2011 until 2016 he was able to be the host of Sunday Housecall, which is a medical advice tv show that was aired on the Fox News Channel. It was in 2015 that Samadi decided to launch his own radio program and was also able to launch a website called SamadiMD.com. He created the website so that he would be able to share health-related news and advice with the whole world. The one kind of research that did seem to really interest him regarded alternative medicines, heart disease, new medical technologies and many other men’s health issues.

His Twitter Profile: https://twitter.com/drdavidsamadi

Richard Blair – Article Recap

Richard Blair, founder of the superior Wealth Solutions network is committed to helping their clients safeguard their assets. His advisory services will help you build wealth and improve your portfolio. He operates a superior advisory and resource firm backed with a CES, CAS, CFS, and RICP. They”re a Registered Investment Advisory firm based in Austin, Texas. They help you with all the resources to help you meet your financial goals, make sound financial decisions, and smart investments. Surprisingly, Blair’s firm is inspired by a powerful B+ J.D. Powers & Associates customer rating.


Richard Blair Of Wealth Solutions: (3) Pillar Solution


First Pillar


The first step allows their clients to build a successful financial roadmap. They identify where there clients are coming from in Pillar 1 while also locating their strength and weaknesses. Blair tailors a roadmap you can follow to build tolerance and growth opportunities.


Second Pillar


When you’re ready to build long-term financial strategies, Blair is prepared to introduce his clients to Pillar 2 of the Wealth Solutions program. This program will also meet your goals for long-term investment needs of his clients. Your liquidity is important to reducing the impact of a negative stock market. He is willing to reallocate and manage your assets to ensure the maximum investment opportunity.


Third Pillar


Pillar 3 of the Wealth Solutions program is a combination of opportunity 1 & 2, after determining a client’s roadmap and developing the strategies to achieve them, their program is prepared to meet your other financial needs including long-term care, annuities, life insurance, and insurance needs.


The Wealth Solutions program is a comprehensive investment model that will quickly help you meet your retirement goals or discover their clients financial situation with a proven holistic plan for their clients customized needs.


Who Is Richard Blair


Richard Blair comers from a strong family teaching background he uses to teach his clients financial freedom. Established since 1994, Wealth Solutions was started through a passion for finance. He teaches you how knowledge can help you with your finances and investments. Blair understands the importance of helping you build your investments and meet your retirement needs. You’re invited to visit the official LinkedIn account of Richard Blair to learn more about his very popular Wealth Solutions program today.

Securus Pushing Forward With Heart & Their Wireless Containment System

Dealing with all the things involved with correctional facilities is not easy. The people locked up in there are criminals. There is no doubt about that fact, but these people also deserve a chance at rehabilitation. Furthermore, these people have family members who had nothing to do with their crimes. These are just some of the things that Securus Technologies thinks about as it rolls out communication tools for correctional facilities. One of the tools the company is most excited about is their Wireless Containment System, which is something they have been working on with Robert Johnson.


The system has been created to work with state laws regarding jamming cellphone signals. Most states do not allow this practice as it affects too many people, but Securus’ new system is targeted so that it is only going to affect the correctional facility it is meant to. Some may wonder, including myself, what is the harm of cellphone use in prison. I thought that people just wanted to talk to families, but there is a more sinister use of cellphones in prison, which is something ex-correctional officer Johnson can attest to.


Prisoners have used contraband cellphones to initiate horrendous acts outside, such as murder. Johnson was actually a victim of a hit that was started with a contraband cellphone from within a prison. A man broke into his home and managed to shoot him six times in the stomach. He survived to fight another day, and he is fighting with the help of Securus. Johnson and Securus want to give prisoners an opportunity to communicate with others but to do so safely and without putting communities in jeopardy.


Securus has been a leading voice in the inmate communications industry for years now, so it makes sense that it is attempting to figure out a way to make communication safer. I was surprised to see how much they have done for prisoners all these years. For one, they have been spearheading the fight to make sure that prisoners have the opportunity to talk to others using smart technology such as video calling. This makes it easier for them to not only talk to family members but to see them, too.


The company also provided free calls to inmates that were being held in state prisons in Louisiana. This was done during the floods that the state had a few years ago. People, on the outside and inside of state prisons, were worried about those they care about. The company just wanted to make it easier for families to communicate with each other and know that everyone is okay. Securus is definitely a company worth paying attention to because they always seem to be moving forward within the industry to help correctional officers, prisoners, and those with loved ones in prison.


The Chronicles of the National Steel Car

For the 100 years that the National Steel Car has been in the market, it has been providing quality railroad freight cars. The current Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of the company, Gregory Aziz, bought the company in 1994, from Dofasco. This was a dream come true. His aim of buying the small Canadian Company was to make it the leading North America Railroad Company.


By the time Greg Aziz purchased the company, it was not in good shape. Having majored in Economics at the University of Ontario, he knew what was required of him to achieve his goals. James Aziz knew that with the nature of his job, the only way the company would be a success was through cooperation among the employees. He, therefore, encouraged team building programs. He also concentrated on maximizing the resources of the company.


The efforts of Greg Aziz finally began to pay off in 1999. The output of the freight cars increased from the usual 3500 annually to 12000 freight cars annually. The 600 employees that the company had could no longer handle the workload. The employees post thus increased to 3000.


The success of the National Steel Car is also the success of the community around. Many individuals were absorbed in the company. The people who never got a chance to work with the company, set up their businesses. This is equally fulfilling because a large number of employees provides a great market.


The community is also grateful for the contributions of Gregory Aziz and the National Steel Car in the charitable organizations. Together with his wife, Greg Aziz sponsors Royal Agriculture Winter Fair.


Gregory Aziz attributes the success of the company to his employees. He says that it is through their great cooperation and communication that has made it possible to yield the great results. He also says that the clients have also played a significant role in the success of the National Steel Car through feedback. It is through their feedback that the company gets to know what their clients expect from them and rectify their mistakes.


Gregory Aziz has also cultivated a great culture in the National Steel Car. He says that the firm’s priority is providing quality products to the clients. There is no time that the company has compromised the quality level of their products. He promises his customers more innovations and quality products from the National Steel Car Company. Visit This Page to learn more.

Sussex Healthcare Brings Attention Back To What Audiology Means For Seniors

People who are in the Sussex Healthcare home know there is a lot of importance the company puts on audiology. Their biggest reason for doing this is because they want to make sure their patients are getting the treatment they deserve. If their patients are unable to hear or are unable to get the best opportunities possible because they cannot hear, they know they won’t get the treatment they deserve. While there had been times when people were not getting the treatment they needed, Sussex Healthcare wanted to make sure they were providing them with the things they need.

The healthcare company puts a lot of focus on hearing and how patients can comprehend different things that are related to hearing. They want all of their patients to realize there are different things they can do and there are different opportunities they can use to make sure things are going to get better. For Sussex Healthcare, this means they have to try their best to give people the opportunities they deserve. The company knows what it takes to offer people the best in healthcare so they consistently strive to do that for all of their patients.

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Even when Sussex Healthcare was just starting out, they knew they had to do things the right way if they wanted their patients to have the best lives possible. They had a lot of things they were committing to and that is what made them the best company they could be. Since they had committed a lot of their time to focusing on their patients, they were able to put the effort in that each patient needed no matter what type of issues they were suffering from. Doing this allowed Sussex Healthcare the chance to grow their company and make more opportunities for each of the people who they were working with.

Despite the issues that came from Sussex Healthcare and from the things they were doing, they knew there would be a way for them to try and help their customers. If they were going to give them the things they needed, Sussex Healthcare had to try and help them through different situations. The company had always been a major player in the industry and that’s what put them into the category they were in. They wanted to help people so they did what they could to help them through different opportunities for success.

Gregory Aziz With National Steel Car

National Steel Car is a company that makes freight cars for the railcar industry. Their work is impeccable, and their clients are impressed with what they can do. Since they are in high demand, they will be able to increase their lead in the railcar industry on a regular basis so that they will be even better known and respected. With the honors that they have received, they are known as one of the best.

Gregory Aziz is the President, CEO and Chairman of the company. Aziz is a man of great character, and a leader that motivates the staff that he has employed. The employees at National Steel Car look up to him as their leader. They are more than pleased to work underneath him in order to create the best work environment possible. When they have a job to do, they do it well, and Gregory James Aziz makes sure that he takes notice. He gives them the encouragement that they need in order to do a good job for him. James Aziz is known for his ability to get to know his workers personally. He wants them to be happy while they are working for him. Get Additional Information Here.

Greg Aziz is a great man in his community too. The people know and respect him. He likes to take part in different charities so that he can help others that are in need. By making sure that he is nice to those in the community that need him, he helps others in a lot of different ways. Greg and his wife regularly sponsor the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair and is known to support Theater Aquarius, Hamilton Opera, United Way, Salvation Army and various food banks.


As this company heads into the future, they are looking at great opportunities that are coming their way. So many more clients will be interested in the work that they can do, and they will be pushed to even greater heights as they continue to please them. It is a great time for National Steel Car, and Greg Aziz is always interested in making it even better for his staff and himself. When he leads them further and further to greater successes, they will continue to do more and more business and create an even greater lead in the industry.