Stratford Shields Of Loop Capital Gets Interviewed

Stratford Shields serves as the Managing Director at Loop Capital Markets. Loop Capital is an investment firm that provides financial services. As its name implies, Loop Capital offers capital solutions to governments, businesses, and institutes as part of the financial services the firm offers. Founded in 1997, Loop Capital is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois.

Stratford Shields

As mentioned, Stratford Shields is the Managing Director at Loop Capital. Today, we take a closer look at the Managing Director in a recent article dated April 26th of 2019. The article begins to account his extensive experience in the finance sector. Prior to beginning his career, Stratford Shields was a graduate of Ohio State University. He earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in History while studying there. Later, he earned his Master of Business Administration degree in Finance at Columbia Business School in 1995.

Accumulatively, the article states that he has over “20 years” of leadership experience in the finance industry. He has served as “Chairman of the Securities Industry Financial Markets Association (SIMFA) Municipal Division, Vice Chairman, and Treasurer.” Adding to his experience, Stratford Shields was also “Head of Public Finance at two Wall Street firms”.

The article then moves forward and begins to interview Mr. Shields. In it, it talks about the origins of the company, his typical day, and various other topics. Mr. Shields talks about his typical day, in that, he is constantly strategizing and thinking of creative solutions for his clients. He also expresses his “excitement for privatizing universities and major healthcare systems.

The interview moves on and also asks Mr. Shield what he would recommend to everyone. Mr. Shields replies, “get up when you are knocked down …” and to “… not slow your momentum.” In addition, he also recommends reading the book titled, “Liar’s Poker”.

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Sharon Prince Hand in Fighting for Justice


Sharon Prince founded the Grace Farm Foundation, an organization she runs privately, in 2009 Sharon Prince has also been on the forefront for a long time calling for gender equality, children rights as well as the sustainability of the environment. Prince has played significant roles in many nonprofit organizations aiding the fight to end human trafficking and violence against women. She believes for humans to have a peaceful interaction they should respect each other’s rights. She has created several campaigns to restore human understanding.

Sharon Prince is the executive head of the Grace Farm Foundation that she founded to improve the lives of people living in America. Sharon aims to do this through justice, arts, faith and allowing people to engage with nature. The Foundation has received many awards due to its dedication in creating an environment that is full of peace and free from negative thoughts.

Through her work at Grace Farms Foundation, Sharon Prince has managed to minimize exploitation of children, violence against women as well as human trafficking. The Foundation works with people from both the local and international levels. She has gained enough experience in eliminating social problems. She has created models through which any abuse on women or children is reported to her.

Sharon Prince has widely traveled throughout the world to campaign for justice to all people. She plays a role in the Board of Next Generation based in Nepal. This nonprofit organization aims to reunite victims of child exploitation with their families. In 2017 Sharon Prince received “Auburn Seminary’s Lives of Commitment Award” and the “NOMI Network’s Abolitionists Award” which were in honor of her efforts.

Through Sharon Prince’s unique attributes, it is evident that we can all promote a better coexistence. By achieving this, there will be fewer conflicts, and we will be able to carry out our daily activities smoothly. Sharon Prince believes that putting a smile on someone’s face does not cost anything. She calls for everyone to rise and fight against all social injustices accordingly. Using some effective community programs in her Foundation, she believes people will discover their purpose in life and get better solutions to solve their problems.


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Steve Lesnard on Using a New Product’s Storyline to Introduce It to the Market Successfully

The art of global brand marketing in the new digital age is no longer as straightforward as traditional marketing used to be. With the adoption of digital and social media platforms, Steve Lesnard can attest to significant changes in strategies used to introduce new products to the market. However, these strategies can prove counterproductive when not used properly. At the heart of product introduction are two key principles in getting the whole process right by articulating the clear benefits and value addition to consumers’ lives.

The first step is keeping it simple by getting the storyline right to make the product memorable. This process may sound easy but outlining what is fresh and superior while highlighting clear benefits to consumers who are not conversant with the given product is not that simplistic. To deliver on this aspect, marketing teams should pay attention to the most relevant and innovative aspects of the product they want to communicate.

To Steve Lesnard, Apple offers one of the best examples in this regard using its advertising slogan promising to put more than ten thousand song in a user’s pocket. The company cut to the chase by focusing on the exact value to the consumer, setting apart the iPod as the go-to product when other companies concentrated on highlighting complicated technical advancements, not of interest to potential clients. By showing those seeking to enjoy their music on the go how to do so in a convenient manner, the iPod proved to be the exact product such consumers were looking for.

The other principle revolves around making the product real by bringing it to life. Here, the focus is on consumer experience — the best way to do this tying the product’s storyline to the right context using different media. Here, the use of videos is a great idea since not only do they allow you to highlight the product’s best features using today’s vibrant and dynamic marketing tools, but they also leave a lasting effect on potential customers’ minds. Brands can make this better by highlighting consumer testimonies.

Steve Lesnard urges you to take a look at Yeti in this case. Yeti joined an already established market but still broke through the industry by connecting the use of its coolers to the outdoor lifestyles of its products ambassadors. These ambassadors were keen on either keeping their drinks cooler or warmer for longer. As such, the company struck a chord with other consumers who were looking to solve the same problem.

For any new product marketing campaign, using creative ideas to bring the product to life while highlighting the clear benefit to the consumer, and directly linking it to an ambassador’s way of life, will almost always guarantee you success.

Gaining Oil And Gas Knowledge From Matthew Fleeger

Gulf Coast Western is a family-owned business based in the United States and focuses on the oil and gas industry. It combines its resources and talents to explore and acquire oil reserves in the gulf coast region. Matthew Fleeger, CEO and President of the institution says they aim at giving their shareholders the best evaluating the minimal risks in place. Open and transparent relationships are the main pillar of the company’s success over the years. It has locations in Dallas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Colorado, and Mississippi.

Partnerships with the Orbit Gulf Coast Exploration and Orbit Energy Partners recently expanded their operations. Gulf Coast Western is now able to access hundreds of acres where they produce wells that produce up to 30 million barrels. An agreement by Warhorse Oil and Gas emerged because of the two partnerships. Gulf Coast got the mandate to acquire the development wells in Louisiana which produce over 800 oil barrels every day. More than half of the partners of Gulf Coast Western do joint ventures occasionally.

Matthew Fleeger is also an expert in the waste management and tanning industries. He is known for the establishment of two business enterprises in the tannin sector that had a revenue of 100 million dollars. Matthew Fleeger is also a team builder and a strategic planner. He uses these techniques in performing his duties at the Gulf Coast Western company. Having a bachelor’s degree in business administration shows that he has knowledge about finance and marketing processes.

With the use of PUD, the organization plans to design two workover wells hence increasing production potential. Another transaction with the Northcote Energy enabled the entity to acquire half of their working assets and interest thus expanding their operations to Shoats Creek. This partnership consists of a program to develop wells in Frio, Cockfield, and Wilcox. Due to its integrity, the company has a triple-A rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Academy of Art University blending art and athletics

Athletics and arts have seldom been seen to ‘cook’ in the same pot. However, this seems to be changing thanks to the synergy that has been created by the Academy of Art University in Francisco. In every walk of life, there are specific characteristics that can be pointed out as success contributors. These are the same attributes that can be traced back to both athletics and art. As much as these two have rarely been seen as ‘serious’ disciplines that can prepare one for life, they can, indeed, help propel one with its uniquely similar strengths.

One of the most notable similarities between the two is the ability to help one process criticism. Let’s face it; no one prospers in sports without some form of criticism. The same applies to art. In this sense, the two disciplines help one grown a thick skin for the naysayers and learn to prosper amid opposition.

Athletics and arts also help cultivate solid time management skills. The proverbial saying, ‘practice makes perfect’ fully applies to these two. They help one set priorities and use their time wisely. This can be complemented by the fact that one learns effective communication skills through both athletics and arts as they involve discussions, arguments and agreements.

The Academy of Arts University is revolutionary privately-owned for-profit art college in downtown San Francisco. Founded in 1929 by Richard S. Stephens, the University has 283 full-time tutors and about 12,600 students. This makes it one of the largest art design schools in the U.S.

The school boasts of being one of the biggest owners of property in San Francisco. Despite low graduation rates, the schools have since produced thousands of athletics and art enthusiast who have gone ahead to become brand names in their own right. The school hopes to cultivate a culture of arts and athletics in the United States.

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Mark Holyoake Looks To Make Major Moves In Real Estate


Mark Holyoake has been working in the field of private investment since the early ’90s. While focusing heavily on the food sector, Mark has broadened his horizons of late, becoming a leading entrepreneur in private equity investments.

While Mark Holyoake primarily focuses his investing in London, his concepts and ideas can find footing in any place around the world. Today, we are going to get to know Holyoake, what makes him tick, and what has led him to this almost unrivaled level of success.

Mark Holyoake graduated from the University of Reading with his degree in business in 1995. From there, it was a short trip for Mark to begin really broadening his portfolio into an international model. Before long, Holyoake was working internationally in both the residential and commercial food sectors. Buoyed by his work at Oakvest, Holyoake’s private investment fund, he has managed to establish himself a portfolio that is competitive with nearly anyone in the industry.

He began transforming Oakvest into the powerhouse that it is today back in 2010. Holyoake saw that Oakvest had massive potential and that with the right push and mindset, the investment firm could begin to spread throughout Europe. Now, nine years later, Oakvest is operating more effectively than it ever has before. Holyoake touts his collaborative team as being the fuel for Oakvest’s rise over the past decade.

For Mark Holyoake, working as an entrepreneur means that every day is going to be something of an adventure. Holyoake starts his day at 6 A.M. where he answers emails and quietly communicates with his team while gathering his thoughts for the rest of the day. From there, Holyoake works to collaborate as often as possible with his team. Holyoake believes that it is borderline impossible to succeed without the support of a quality team around you.


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Richard Liu Qiangdong’s Journey To Life And Business Success


Today, China is a leading market in the adoption of e-commerce. Much of its population are in the middle class, and thus they have quite a notable purchasing power.

Richard Liu is one of the entrepreneurs fueling the success of China’s adoption. This is through his e-commerce platform which is one of the most prosperous in the country. is estimated to serve more than 100 million active shoppers and is worth more than $57 billion. Liu, the founder of this platform, is worth more than $12 billion according to 2018 statistics.

Mr. Qiangdong has managed to accrue a few important accolades over the years Richard Liu has been featured as an Honoree in Variety 500 website entitled, “ Richard Liu; Founder / Chairman / CEO”, as a result of his persistence, innovation, and hard work.


Practicing business at a young age

In interviews, Richard Liu has always credited his success and business prowess to the fact that he was introduced to business at a very young age. He was born on 14th February 1974 in the town of Suqian, in China’s Jiangsu province. Liu was born in a business-oriented family and had a quite normal childhood. His parents ran a coal shipping business, and from a young age, he would help both his parents and members of his extend family do their business. This instilled in him the values of hard work. Richard Liu Qiangdong’s parents were keen to provide him with proper education and always encouraged him to excel in all his endeavors.


Excelling in business

Richard Liu Qiangdong set up his first business in 1998 after he left employment at Japan Life where he had been working for two years. He established 360Buy Jingdong, his first shop which specialized in selling magneto-optical products in Beijing . Thanks to his business prowess, Liu grew this business to a total of 12 shops by 2003. In 2003, he decided to launch his business online as after a SARS outbreak made it hard for him to run physical shops.


By the end of 2004, Richard had taken his business entirely online and closed all the physical shops. A little by little, he started incorporating more products to his e-commerce platform as it grew. was soon selling consumer goods and household electronics, and from this point, it grew to the conglomerate it is today.


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Boraie Development Dedication to Offering Quality Housing at Affordable Rates

Previous National Basketball Association star Shaquille O’Neal needs to leave a permanent effect in the home city. The seven feet one-inch ball sensation needs to manufacture a twenty-two story structure will remain over the downtown. The agreement has been given to Boraie Development. Shaq recollects how the city was attractive as a young man and his desire is to bring back that adjustment in the place where he grew up. He says he needs to be increasingly wonderful as he becomes more seasoned. These announcements demonstrate his association with the place where he grew up.

The best in class condos was created by Boraie Development and O’Neal’s are not many meters from New Jersey Performing Arts Center and the restored Hahne. The one hundred and sixty-eight lofts are situated on one Rector Street will open and occupants will apply for rent when September. Wasseem Boraie said the organization obtained the organization which facilitated the old science park 10 years back. The development, in any case, began a year ago in October.

The Aspire project, for instance, consists of 238 studio, one and two bedroom well professionally designed apartments. The occupants will enjoy various facilities in the ultra-modern fully serviced development. The amenities will include a lobby with day and night highly guarded private parking. The residents will also enjoy direct access to the building.

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Ara Chackerian Highlights Top Lifestyle Changes That Would Enhance Sustainability

Ara Chackerian argues that promoting sustainability is an effective way to enhance our quality of life, and that of our environment. Moreover, sustainability combats climate change, and it protects our natural resources from depletion.

Despite the benefits, most people find it hard to lead a sustainable life. Are you one of them? If you are, Ara Chackerian, an avid entrepreneur and investor has highlighted some lifestyle changes that would help you lead a sustainable lifestyle.

Limit the use of fossil fuels

Fossil fuels like oil and natural gas are the major causes of environmental pollution and degradation. So, if you are looking to conserve the environment, Ara recommends that you limit or eliminate their use. For instance, you can consider cycling instead of driving, investing in fuel-efficient vehicles, or replacing the use of fossil fuel by renewable energy.

Use reusable packs when shopping

When shopping, use reusable tote bags to carry your shopping. Re-usable packs eliminate the environmental pollution resulting from the disposable packs that pollute the environment. Besides, you should consider recycling glass, cardboard, and plastics instead of dumping them.

Eat a plant-based diet

According to Ara Chackerian, eating a plant-based diet would minimize your carbon footprint. How? Processing companies use a lot of water and energy to process meat-based diets. Furthermore, meat processing releases large amounts of waste into the environment. On that account, limiting meat intake would be a sure way to conserve the energy and water used during the meat manufacturing process.

Eliminate water wastage

Conserving water reduces the energy used up to process and distribute clean water. But, how can we minimize wastage? You can reduce water wastage by fixing leaky pipes, or by using efficient water fittings in your home or your business premises. Moreover, you can minimize wastage by limiting the use of showers. Find out more about Ara Chackerian:


Gino Pozzo’s Awe-Inspiring Passion for Football

Gino Pozzo has earned a reputation in transforming failing football clubs into top league clubs in their home countries. He is currently the owner of Watford Football club which is based in England and he continues to be the talk of European sports scene today as he has proven to be amazingly successful in his football profession. Born in Italy Gino Pozzo was born to parents that were fans of football and he took up the love for football that his parents exuded. His family remains loyal to the Udinese Club to this day as his mother was related to previous presidents of the Udinese Calcio Football Club.

Gino moved from Italy to the United States at the age of 18 to study for his masters at Harvard University. He later on married and relocated to Spain where he spent the next few years of his life in Barcelona. After the acquisition of a football club, Gino Pozzo moved his wife and three children to London to be more involved in the day to day activities of the club in 2013. His family is well known around the world for their undying family tradition of passion for football. Starting back in 1986 when his father purchased the Udinese club in Italy the family has never looked back.

They continue to buy into different industries including electronics and woodworking. Many generations have managed to manage businesses that include real estate and property management. As football is not their main business focus the family is assured of stable finances. The family has however made groundbreaking models to run a successful sports club. Gino Pozzo has become well known as a future-oriented leader that would stop at nothing to ensure the success of his team. Gino Pozzo has graced the football world with his passion for success and as a result, has turned the fortunes of many football clubs around.